This knowledge base contains CINELDI's research so far, and will be updated during the project. The results contribute to the digitalisation and modernisation of the electricity distribution grid to ensure higher efficiency, flexibility and resilience.

The knowledge base is targeting people in the power and technology industries, students and other researchers. The results are summarised, with references to published papers, to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Smart grid development and asset management

Decision-support methodologies and tools needed for the optimal planning and asset management in a smart electricity distribution grid. 

Smart grid operation

Advanced monitoring and operation of the future distribution grid requires the secure utilization of new ICT technologies and the development of new operational concepts.

Flexibility and Interaction TSO/DSO

New solutions for flexible resources in different products and ancillary services, to increase observability between the distribution and transmission systems, and to develop business models for customer flexibility.

Microgrids/local energy systems

Concepts, technologies, and models for microgrids and their interaction with the distribution system, together with real-time monitoring between all assets, grid customers and flexible resources.

Flexible resources in the power system

Methods and strategies for the cost-effective integration of flexible resources in smart distribution grids for improved efficiency of the system operation and a realistic alternative to grid investments.

Smart grid scenarios and transition strategy

Visions and scenarios for a smart grid, and guidelines and recommendations for implementing results in the electricity industry.

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