Challenge and objective

  • Increased need for monitoring and control in operation of the future power system. Use of flexible resources and Web-of-Cells in grid operation.

Work performed

  • Survey among DSOs participating in CINELDI.
  • Development of a novel control architecture concept (Web-of-Cells/ELECTRA).

Significant results

  • A larger variety of flexible demand units is expected in the future – both type of demand and customer. Aggregators are needed to utilize smaller units.
  • Hydrogen-fuelled systems, PV panels and wind turbines will be used for voltage regulation and balancing services.
  • The availability of energy storage will increase towards 2030/2040.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • A new control architecture for utilizing flexible resources in grid.
Web-of-Cells example
Web-of-Cells example (FP7 IRP ELECTRA)

Magnus Korpås

WP3 Lead
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Magnus Korpås
WP3 Lead


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