How can we make our electricity grid more efficient, flexible, and resilient?

These are the challenges we are solving at CINELDI.

Our society is becoming increasingly electrified. That means we need to generate more renewable electric power – which needs to be transported from the producer to the consumer. Our electricity grid is the backbone of the power system and has to be stable enough and properly sized. Sustainability targets cannot be met unless the distribution system undergoes this necessary transformation.

CINELDI’s main objective is to develop new concepts, technologies and solutions that will enable the cost-effective realisation of a flexible and robust electricity distribution system. These innovations will contribute to a more sustainable energy system by increasing the use of renewable energy sources and facilitating a more efficient power and energy use.

Following the rollout of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure in 2019, CINELDI began researching new technologies for the digitalisation of the electricity grid. Research activities place a particular emphasis on new and emerging topics like security of supply, cyber security, microgrids and flexibility resources.

CINELDI’s research comprises the fields of electric power engineering, cybernetics, information technology and communication technology. It also incorporates social sciences to understand the real-life applications of these technologies.

The R&D results will be integrated into stakeholder guidelines and recommendations for a holistic transition to a smarter and more flexible distribution system in Norway. Our innovations aim to considerably reduce total distribution system costs, and leverage business opportunities for technology providers in both national and international markets. CINELDI also focuses on increasing the knowledge, strengthening education, and establishing international collaboration within our fields of research.

Presentation of CINELDI (pdf) (updated 05.07.2023)