In the pilot projects we test and verify technologies and solutions for the future intelligent electricity distribution system. In real environments.

CINELDI develops knowledge, methods, and tools which will be tested in laboratories, simulated environments, and field pilots. The pilot projects are as such important parts of CINELDI and are an integrated part of the research and development in the FME. The pilot projects support the objectives and vision of CINELDI as well as the scenarios for the future distribution system developed in WP6. Pilot projects in CINELDI shall contribute to develop cost-efficient solutions and innovation on the system level of the future electricity distribution system of 2030-2040.

Distribution of pilot projects

CINELDI has pilot projects within four thematic areas

Sensing and digital monitoring          

Application of AMR/grid data  

Fault handling and self-healing


CINELDI – according to the partners


Maren Istad

Pilot Project Coordination
+47 901 15 557
Maren Istad
Pilot Project Coordination

Pilot projects in CINELDI cooperate with The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre