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CINELDI will develop knowledge, methods, and tools that will be tested in laboratories, simulated environments, and field pilots.

Work packages and priority areas for pilot projects.
Work packages and priority areas for pilot projects.

The pilot projects are as such important parts of CINELDI and will be an integrated part of the research and development in the FME. The pilot projects should support the objectives and vision of CINELDI as well as the scenarios for the future distribution system developed in WP6. Pilot projects in CINELDI shall contribute to develop cost-efficient solutions and innovation on the system level of the future electricity distribution system of 2030-2040.

The main objective of pilots in CINELDI is to test and verify technologies and solutions for the future intelligent electricity distribution system, in real environments.

The sub goals are to:

  • Test and verify new products, services, functionality and interoperability, in real situations. This is an important step on the road to large scale/full-scale solutions in the distribution system, by
    • Making the technology/solution probable,
    • Identifying benefits and barriers,
    • Gaining experiences, and
    • Provide directions for large-scale demonstrations and solutions.
  • Speed up the possibilities for innovation during and after CINELDI (cf. IC committee work plan)
  • Contribute to arenas for involvement from user partners in particular, and interaction between partners, fostering new ideas and innovation
  • Test and verify research results and hypotheses
  • Contribute to new research and innovation activities and to define new IPN-, KPN- and EU R&I projects. Pilot projects might be a very good foundation for innovation actions in EU research programs.

CINELDI has decided on five priority areas for pilot projects for 2019-2020:

  • Future digital substations
  • Fault handling and self-healing
  • Application of AMR/grid data
  • Flexibility applied on system services
  • Microgrids

Each of the priority areas cover several of the work packages in CINELDI, as illustrated in the figure. It is planned several pilot projects under each priority area.

Ongoing pilot projects in CINELDI
The table below describes pilot activities planned in CINELDI in 2019 – 2020. The list of involved partners in the table is only tentative and it might be possible for other partners to be involved.

Title Description Partners
Digital inspection Extend inspection intervals of substations by utilizing digital solutions. SINTEF, Hafslund, Eidsiva, Nordlandsnett, Powel, ABB, ...
Demo Stavanger Examine the possibilities and challenges with new sensors in substations. SINTEF, Lyse, ABB
New protection concept Fault localisation in meshed distribution grids using existing protection equipment. NTNU, Hafslund, ...
Smart cable guard Test of an online multi-functional monitoring system for MV power cables. Hafslund, SINTEF
Earth fault detection and localisation with AMR data Development and testing of a system for detecting and locating earth faults by using AMR data. SINTEF, NTNU, Aidon, Eidsiva, ...
Skagerak Energy lab Examine possibilities and challenges of large PV-systems and batteries in distribution grids. SINTEF, NTNU, ABB, Skagerak
lectricity consumption of households E Mapping today's status of electricity consumption for household to increase knowledge about the flexibility potential for different types of customers. NTNU, SINTEF, ...
Flexibility market Demonstrated market- based activation of flexibility. SINTEF, NTNU, Nord Pool, ...
Fault current sensors Tests of various sensors and indicators for fault localisation. SINTEF, Hafslund, Skagerak, Eidsiva, ...
Self-healing Testing and evaluation of a system for automatic fault localisation, isolation and restoration. SINTEF, ABB, Skagerak, Hafslund
Vatnøy Test battery/UPS solution as an alternative to upgrade the grid when lack of transfer capability is of relative short duration. SINTEF, NTNU,
BKK, ...
Utsira Complex microgrid. Focus in CINELDI will be assessed in 2019. SINTEF, NTNU, Haugaland Kraft, ...

Coordination of pilot projects in CINELDI and the activities planned in this workplan will contribute to system innovations and to ensure standardised and cost-effective solutions for the future distribution grid.

Other innovations include:

  • New process for handling pilot projects that can be used in other research projects.
  • Common methodology and guidelines for the different phases of pilot projects
  • Data management plan for collection, storage and distribution of data from pilot projects

Innovations from the various pilot projects are described in the relevant WP work plans.