Photo: Elvia
Photo: Elvia

Earth faults are a large problem in the norwegian distribution network. Elvia has about 6000 earth faults each year. Identifying and fixing earth faults takes a lot of resources, both for the grid company and the end-Customer.

The aim of this pilot is to detect earth faults in the 230V IT distribution network based on measurements from smart meters at the end-customers (fuse < 80A), and prove this to be more efficient compared with the routines used today. Measurements of leakage current from the smart meters will be used to detect earth faults.

The pilot will also map possible sources that causes leakage currents, but are not earth faults, map connection between several earth faults in the same area, map typical earth fault patters to identify earth fault causes (i.e. heater cables, stoves etc.) and develop work processes for efficient handling of earth fault.

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