Utsira is an island located outside Haugesund. It has both solar (PV) and large penetration of wind power production but is mainly supplied from the mainland by ageing subsea cables.

The island can only be reached by ferry, which there are plans to electrify. In addition, there are plans to increase industry loads on the island.

A new subsea cable is a large investment. Because a microgrid potentially can ensure the supply to the island in case of a failure on the subsea cable, CINELDI and Haugaland Kraft are investigating if a microgrid can work as a permanent or temporary alternative to reinvestment.

A battery energy storage system (BESS) for voltage support is being installed. An energy management system (EMS) is being established to optimise the operation of PV, wind power, battery and transferred energy from the mainland. The EMS and BESS will also play an important role in controlling the Utsira grid in Island mode.

In addition, Vehicle to grid (V2G) will be investigated in connection to the electrification of the ferry. Measurement equipment is being installed at the point of connection of the subsea cable, and other places in the grid to get more data for the load flow analysis. This project is closely connected to the other pilot where the role of market designed flexibility in the EMS system is investigated and tested.

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