Challenge and objective

  • The electricity distribution grid is undergoing major changes due to electrification to meet climate goals and a transition is needed to the future Smart Grid. Identification of driving forces and scenarios for the transition will help understand the opportunities and challenges for the future grid.

Work performed

  • Driving forces for the electricity distribution grid are updated and new mini scenarios are developed in accordance with trends and development since the start of the FME CINELDI.

Significant results

  • Some driving forces are strengthened and enhanced (such as climate change and electrification), and geopolitics is a new group of driving forces.
  • New mini scenarios are developed related to digitalisation, electrification, flexibility, and security of electricity supply.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • The driving forces and mini scenarios provide a foundation for developing appropriate strategies for the transition towards a flexible and intelligent electricity distribution grid that is also robust and cost-efficient.
Driving forces and mini scenarios for the future electricity distribution grid

Gerd Kjølle

WP6 Lead
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Gerd Kjølle
WP6 Lead


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