Challenge and objective

  • Capacity problems in the grid due to increased peak load. Evaluate electric vehicles as a flexibility source. '

Work performed

  • Analyses of 1-minutes meter data of charging profiles for different EVs and survey among Norwegian owners of EVs.

Significant results

  • 59% of households (single-family home) charge their EV at home daily.
  • 49,5% of the users charge their EV at home from a normal socket (10 A).
  • 90% are willing to postpone the time of charging from day/afternoon to night (hours 21-05) if this shift has no negative consequences for the user.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • EVs are good candidates for demand response, if households are given the right incentives.

Magnus Korpås

WP3 Lead
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Magnus Korpås
WP3 Lead


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