A Robust Circuit and Controller Parameters’ Identification Method of Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters Using Vector Fitting Algorithm

Challenge and objective

  • In system modelling and analysis  internal parameters may be missing due to intellectual property rights or parameters variation caused by operating condition change, temperature fluctuation, and aging.
  • This will badly affect the accuracy unless these parameters are identified.

Work performed

  • A vector fitting (VF) algorithm for robust parameter identification is developed to identify circuit and controller parameters of the grid-connected Voltage Source Converters based on the measured impedance frequency responses.

Significant results

  • The proposed method is able to identify the circuit and controller parameters when detailed parameters are missing  The effectiveness of the proposed circuit and controller parameters’ identification method is validated by theoretical demonstration, OPAL-RT-based real-time simulation, and experimental validation.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • It will improve the accuracy of modelling and simulation since uncertain or unknown parameters have less impact on the results.
Control strategy for grid-connected VSC
Control strategy for grid-connected VSC

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Merkebu Zenebe Degefa
WP2 Lead


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