Modelling framework for study of the differences between centralized and decentralized smart grid services

Challenge and objective

  • Performing reliability analysis of interconnected smart grid system services.
  • Taking into account common dependencies on both power system and ICT infrastructure.
  • Investigate differences in services deployment: centralized and decentralized operation.

Work performed

  • Created a simulation framework for evaluating reliability of system services in a smart distribution grid.
  • Performed a test using the IEEE 33-bus test grid.

Significant results

  • Trade-off between centralized and decentralized service deployment can be quantified.
  • Decentralized availability is better on average, but can vary throughout the grid.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Step towards reliability analysis that more accurately considers impact of ICT infrastructure and different deployment options.

Oddbjørn Gjerde

WP2 Lead
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Oddbjørn Gjerde
WP2 Lead


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