Challenge and objective

  • DSOs need to compare cost-effectiveness of different active and passive measures, such as flexibility from fast-charging stations (FCSs) and local energy communities (LECs), and traditional grid reinforcement. This is addressed through implementing the framework for planning of active distribution grids previously developed in CINELDI.

Work performed

  • In collaboration with in-kind projects FuChar and FINE, operational models for FCSs and LECs as active measures are integrated in the CINELDI framework.
  • Grid planning methodology implemented in Python.
  • Demonstrated for the CINELDI MV ref. system.

Significant results

  • A model for estimating grid investment needs for combinations of active and passive measures.
  • Economic assessment of active measures from both i) a DSO cost-benefit analysis perspective and ii) a willingness-to-pay / competitive-cost perspective.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Can be used in negotiating the price of active measures between the DSO and distribution system actors such as LEC and FCS operators.
  • The costs and benefits of other active measures can be assessed by integrating new operational models.
Implementation of framework for distribution grid planning with active measures

Susanne Sandell

WP1 Lead
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Susanne Sandell
WP1 Lead

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