Challenge and objective

  • Long term knowledge building research is mostly conducted on lower TRL while pilot projects typically raise the results a bit higher on the TRL scale. However, to develop research into innovation requires efforts in various directions to implement and start using the results. Examples: establish and make available relevant data and tools, change work processes, competence building, implementing new technologies, regulatory change, etc.

Work performed

  • A check list is developed to assist in evaluating research results and pilot projects results to identify needs for and barriers towards start implementing results and make innovations.

Significant results

  • The checklist consists of four parts: 

    • About the result, target groups, benefits, contributions to sustainability, etc.,
    • What is needed to have in place to start using the result ,
    • Barriers and barrier-reducing measures,
    • Further research and spin-off possibilities.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • The checklist facilitates the process of implementing results, such as reducing barriers, acceptance of changing work processes, culture, achieve leadership support.

Gerd Kjølle

WP6 Lead
+47 906 72 035
Gerd Kjølle
WP6 Lead


Reference in CINELDI

  • The checklist is implemented in an Excel sheet and made available on the CINELDI web (Norwegian and English version).