Optimal Operation of Battery Storage for a Subscribed Capacity-Based Power Tariff Prosumer

Challenge and objective

  • The cost of peak power for end-users subject to a demand charge may be substantial.
  • The objective is to analyse if battery storage can reduce consumer costs while ensuring the longevity of the battery.

Work performed

  • Build optimization model for local PV-battery-load system with grid connection.
  • Including battery degradation into the model.
  • Perform Norwegian case study based on a swimming facility.

Significant results

  • Battery storage can be beneficial for peak-shaving of swimming facility loads even with todays investment costs.
  • Degradation modelling is important to get realistic estimate of economic potential, as degradation may reduce the lifetime by ~1 year.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Detailed simulation models gives better decision aid for end-users to identify profitable battery investments.
  • Practical battery models with degradation, also usable for other applications in the grid.

Magnus Korpås

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Magnus Korpås
WP3 Lead


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