Impact of Virtual Oscillator Control on the instantaneous properties of VSC output voltage in distorted island grids

Challenge and objective

  • Synchronization in island electrical grids dominated by power electronics is challenged by the absence of a grid reference to follow, lack of inertial sources and the usual lack of communication among the units.

Work performed

  • This paper investigates the instantaneous properties of voltage and frequency of Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) when they are controlled by Virtual Oscillator Controllers (VOC) in a distorted island grid.

Significant results

  • The results provide convincing evidence for the adoption of a more complex controller as the VOC in island grids that will naturally be more vulnerable to voltage distortions.
  • The results encourage further explorations into other potential benefits of VOC in island grids
  • The new approach to synchronize in cases where the classical droop control fails

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Topologies currently challenging seem to be possible to solve with the new technique.


Oddbjørn Gjerde

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Oddbjørn Gjerde
WP2 Lead


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