Industrial Evaluation of an Approach to Identification and Modelling of Cybersecurity Risks

Challenge and objective

  • Smart grids are characterized by high complexity, uncertainty, dynamics, and interdisciplinarity.
  • Digital transformation of the power grids has significantly changed the risk picture.
  • The state-of-the-art on cybersecurity risk management is therefore challenged.

Work performed

  • Developed a qualitative approach to risk modelling, which accommodates interdisciplinarity and uncertainty.
  • A full-scale performance evaluation of an approach to identification and modelling of cybersecurity risks in the context of digital secondary substations.

Significant result

  • Improved understanding of the effects of power grid digitalization on cybersecurity, as well as impacts of cybersecurity on reliability of supply.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Decision support for management of reliability of power supply affected by cybersecurity.

Susanne Sandell

WP1 Lead
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Susanne Sandell
WP1 Lead


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