Synchronization Controller for Seamless Interconnection of Mirogrids with Heterogeneous Sources

Challenge and objective

  • Proposes a synchronization controller to enable a seamless transition from standalone to interconnected operation of two microgrids.

Work performed

  • The necessity of following synchronization protocols and the flexibility one can have when interconnecting different microgrids with inverter and rotating machine based systems, as well as homogeneous and heterogeneous sources are investigated. In addition, a simple controller is proposed to have seamless, quick and stable interconnections when the microgrids consist of rotating machines.

Significant results

  • Implications on interconnection protocols while synchronizing multiple microgrids with each other are highlighted.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • More insight to host multiple microgrids in the distribution network.
Modelling and Simulation Approaches for Local Energy Community Integrated Distribution Networks

Oddbjørn Gjerde

WP2 Lead
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Oddbjørn Gjerde
WP2 Lead


Reference in CINELDI

  • A. Gupta, C. Perumalla, M. Degefa, S. D’Arco, J. Klemets: "Synchronization Controller for Seamless Interconnection of Mirogrids with Heterogeneous Sources", 21st National Power Systems Conference (NPSC) (pp. 1-4), 2022.