Challenge and objective

  • Increased need for flexibility in the power system.
  • Proper business models need to be developed.
  • Flexible resources need to be identified.

Work performed

  • 6 business models described for flexibility markets in distribution grid and the role of flexibility market operator.
  • Discusses important issues regarding end-user flexibility and the role of aggregators.
  • Discusses use of flexibility and possible innovative solutions related to industrial/commercial sites.
  • Exposes a specific business and investment case, focusing simultaneously on flexibility, smart charging and batteries in a Nordic context, and providing detailed modelling procedures to ensure efficient load management and profitability.

Significant results

  • The business cases proposed have shown multiple applications for flexibility utilization, bringing opportunities for various stakeholders, also the DSOs and TSOs.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Business ecosystem for trading flexibility in the distribution grid (Based on FLEXGRID project).
Steps towards aggregation, management and leveraging of flexibility

Magnus Korpås

WP3 Lead
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Magnus Korpås
WP3 Lead


References in CINELDI

  • I. Ilieva "Steps towards aggregation, management and leveraging of flexibility", CINELDI-memo, 2022.