Review of the impact of flexibility resources in distribution systems on the security of electricity supply

Challenge and objective

  • The power system is transitioning to a more integrated and complex system with generation and other flexibility resources also at the distribution level. This work aimed to 1) provide an understanding of how flexibility resources can impact security of electricity supply (SoS), and to ​ 2) summarize and structure the scientific state of the art on how this impact can be quantified.

Work performed

  • Comprehensive literature review of methods and indicators for quantifying the impact of flexibility resources on SoS.

Significant results

  • Classification of flexibility services that have an impact on four main aspects of SoS: energy availability, power capacity, reliability of supply, and power quality.​
  • Distributed flexibility resources can have a positive impact both on a TSO, DSO, and end-user level.​
  • Identification of negative impacts on SoS and operational risks related to flexibility resources.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Knowledge needs and research gaps identified related to assessing security of electricity supply in future distribution systems with flexibility resources.
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Gerd Kjølle
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