Challenge and objective

  • The introduction of distributed energy resources introduces a lot of uncertainties, and fast dynamics. The consumers’ privacy consideration, lack of measurement units and geographical difficulties call for new methods for distributed monitoring of power grids.

Work performed

  • Introduced the concept of partially known power grids.
  • Developed procedures for simultaneous input and state estimation.
  • Use covariance intersection for data fusion between different sensors.
  • Introduced fully distributed state estimation for distribution networks.

Significant results

  • The fast dynamic states and transients of a power network are captured using dynamic procedures.
  • The number of measurements needed for state estimation was reduced significantly.
  • All available measurements with different measuring rate including PMUs, SCADA and smart meters are used at the same time.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Can be developed to be used for autonomous self-healing controller systems.
  • Can be exploited to do sensor placement optimally.
  • Fault detection scheme can be derived based on the proposed algorithm.

Magnus Korpås

WP3 Lead
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Magnus Korpås
WP3 Lead


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