Practical application of active distribution grid planning to pilot area with new energy solutions

Challenge and objective

  • Molobyen is a near-zero-emission-neighbourhood development area in Bodø considered in a pilot project together with the local grid company Arva. 
  • Grid-connection planning must consider the interplay with solar PV and district heating (DH).

Work performed

  • In a master thesis, CINELDI's active distribution grid planning framework is adapted to incorporate load and generation modelling from FME ZEN, a model for optimal operation of neighbourhood batteries, time series power flow analysis with NETBAS, and optimal grid planning with the DYNKO tool.

Significant results

  • Because of the DH supply, PV generation becomes the dimensioning factor for the distribution grid.
  • Calculations of the cost of losses had to be adjusted to account for the effect of local PV generation.
  • Neighbourhood batteries were not cost-effective, depending on transformer overloading restrictions.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • Grid planning must consider the design of the internal energy system in neighbourhoods and the coordination with other energy carriers/sources.


Susanne Sandell

WP1 Lead
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Susanne Sandell
WP1 Lead

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