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Dept. of Safety and Mobility Research

Dept. of Safety and Mobility Research

Research Director
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Our research contributes towards making communities safe and secure, and towards the development of an efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly transport system. We generate research-based knowledge and solutions in close dialogue with our clients in the private and public sectors.

Norway is one of the safest countries in the world. Nevertheless, serious unwanted occupational, industrial, infrastructure-related, and natural events can still occur with dramatic consequences for businesses and the general population. The risks associated with such events, and their management, are influenced by global developments, and digitalisation introduces new risks and vulnerabilities. Safety issues in the Norwegian oil and gas sector provide a good example, where risk is introduced when profitability is reduced by global oil market fluctuations. SINTEF generates knowledge that assists in reducing risk and promoting better risk management, both of which are essential if Norway is to remain a safe society.

Mobility is key to modern societies. Norway's National Transport Plan currently assigns high priority to major investment in domestic transport infrastructure with the overall aim of developing a system that promotes wealth generation and contributes towards the transition to a low-emissions society. We generate knowledge and solutions that support better decision-making linked to infrastructure investments.

Our researchers possess high levels of expertise and extensive experience in the fields of safety and mobility. The department's interdisciplinary composition means that we are well-qualified to carry out complex projects at the intersection of technology, organisation and society. We work closely with other SINTEF divisions with the aim of developing new business areas and enabling us to offer our clients the highest quality expertise.

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Dept. of Safety and Mobility Research

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