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Tone Beate Gjerstad


Tone Beate Gjerstad


Tone Beate Gjerstad
Telefon: 928 03 046
Avdeling: Produksjonsteknologi
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Competitive robotized manufacturing of high specter variance, low volume product lines represents market opportunities for manufacturing companies, but cost-efficient production is challenging. In this paper, we present two main industry use cases which represent key challenges to be solved for cost...

Forfattere Transeth Aksel Andreas Stepanov Alexey Linnerud Ådne Solhaug Ening Klaus Gjerstad Tone Beate
År 2020
Type Del av bok/rapport

In Norway, the final stage of front half chicken harvesting is still a manual operation due to a lack of automated systems that are suitably flexible with regard to production efficiency and raw material utilisation. This paper presents the ‘GRIBBOT’ – a novel 3D vision-guided robotic concept for fr...

Forfattere Misimi Ekrem Øye Elling Ruud Eilertsen Aleksander Mathiassen John Reidar Bartle Åsebø Berg Olav Gjerstad Tone Beate Buljo Jan Olaf Skotheim Øystein
År 2016
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

Increasing conscience about energy consumption in modern manufacturing processes require reliable information about energy consumption of robots. Theoretical models of power required for specific end effectors can be calculated for given robots if all parameters of arm elements are known. For ordina...

Forfattere Lien Terje Kristoffer Gjerstad Tone Beate Ystgaard Pål Nyen Per Aage
År 2012
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon