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Jakob Høgenes

Master of science

Jakob Høgenes

Master of science

Jakob Høgenes
Telefon: +47 416 45 532
Avdeling: Software and Service Innovation
Kontorsted: Oslo

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Model-driven Engineering for the Configuration and Deployment of Data Processing Applications


This position paper reports our current endeavour towards a model-driven engineering framework to support the dynamic configuration and deployment of complex data processing applications. In particular, our approach includes a domain-specific modelling language that abstracts the data processing tas...

År 2017
Type Del av bok/rapport

Model-based estimation of intra-cardiac blood flow velocities using an unscented Kalman filter


The measurement of 2D blood flow velocities using an angle-independent speckle tracking (ST) approach has shown promise as a clinical tool for quantification of cardiovascular deficiencies. However, the ST estimator can be highly corrupted by noise in regions of reduced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). ...

Forfattere Høgenes Jakob Wigen Morten Smedsrud Nyrnes Siri Ann Segers P. Swillens Abigail Løvstakken Lasse
År 2016
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon
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