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Tone Berg


Tone Berg


Tone Berg
Telefon: 997 35 949
Avdeling: Connectivity Technologies and Platforms
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Objective The present study measured test-retest variability and time efficiency of an automated hearing assessment method called 'new early warning test (NEWT)' incorporated inside a quietpro® hearing protection device (HPD). Study design Test-retest thresholds were obtained with manual pure t...

Forfattere Swarnalatha Nagaraj Vinay Svensson U. Peter Kvaløy Olav Berg Tone
År 2015
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

It is well known that the ordinary Global Positioning System (GPS) fails to provide location and time information under water. The reason is that the electromagnetic signals from the orbiting satellites are heavily damped in water and hence can not be detected by the receiver in most cases of intere...

Forfattere Taraldsen Gunnar Reinen Tor Arne Berg Tone
År 2011
Type Del av bok/rapport

Much of the operational cost related to offshore production and processing facilities can be associated with revenue losses in terms of unnecessary maintenance shut-downs and extended maintenance down-times due to failures, for which there has been limited preparation time. By being able to accurate...

Forfattere Brurok Torgeir Hennie Erik Reinen Tor Arne Berg Tone Haugan Are Opel Karsten Hoffmann Marinus I Thunem Harald P-J
År 2009
Type Bok