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Nils Opedal


Nils Opedal
Telefon: 982 86 641
Avdeling: Petroleum
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Development of geothermal energy sources is an important contribution to ensure the "green shift" from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources of energy. Currently, most geothermal wells operate at temperature range of 150 - 300⁰ C, but development of super-high temperature geothermal reservoirs...

Forfattere Torbjørn Vrålstad Ragnhild Skorpa Nils Opedal Jelena Tororovic Nicolaine Agofack Hieu Nguyen Hoang
År 2021
Type Vitenskapelig foredrag

In permanently abandoned wells, cement plugs serve as a well barrier element that is essential for providing long-term zonal isolation. Poorly plugged wells may provide leakage pathways that pose risks to the surrounding environment. It is well known that the final quality of set cement is...

Forfattere Anisa Noor Corina Nils Opedal Torbjørn Vrålstad Ragnhild Skorpa Sigbjørn Sangesland
År 2019
Type Fagartikkel

Well integrity is crucially dependent on the bonding quality between cement and rock. Several studies have been made of this in the past, but none have taken into account that the drilled rock can be fractured and damaged during drilling. Especially a caprock fractured in the near-well zone can...

Forfattere Nils Opedal Alexandre Lavrov Jelena Todorovic Malin Torsæter
År 2018
Type Vitenskapelig artikkel