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Jens T Thielemann


Jens T Thielemann


Jens T Thielemann
Telefon: 930 59 299
Avdeling: Smart Sensor Systems
Kontorsted: Oslo

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This paper describes a 3D measurement algorithm based on Multi-Frequency Phase Stepping, using a single period pattern and a higher frequency pattern. An experimentally verified analytical expression for depth precision enables adaptive selection of the high frequency. The algorithm has several adva...

År 2018
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon

In this article the development of a newly designed Time-of-Flight (ToF) image sensor for underwater applications is described. The sensor is developed as part of the project UTOFIA (underwater time-of-flight image acquisition) funded by the EU within the Horizon 2020 framework. This project aims to...

Forfattere Driewer Adrian Abrasimov Igor Alexander Jonathan Benger Marc O'Farrell Marion Haugholt Karl Henrik Softley Chris Thielemann Jens T Thorstensen Jostein Bruun Yates Chris
År 2017
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

The objectives of this project have been to provide detailed information about the size, orientation and location of pinbones in fillets of cod, haddock, saithe and salmon. For each spices 16 fillets were CT scanned and analyzed. The bones and fillet were segmented and length, thickness, position an...

Forfattere Bakken Marianne Schulerud Helene Thielemann Jens T
År 2012
Type Rapport/avhandling