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Greening for Growth

The Greening For Growth project aims to bolster the competitiveness of at least 60 Bulgarian SMEs in the Green Industry Innovation sector, primarily those affiliated with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI). In collaboration with SINTEF Manufacturing, the initiative will explore green industrial innovation solutions and promote business networking between Bulgarian and Norwegian small and medium enterprises.


About the project

The Greening For Growth (G4G) initiative is strategically designed with dual objectives. The first objective focuses on enhancing the competitive positioning of Bulgarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) within the domain of Green Industry Innovation.

Affiliated with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI), these enterprises will gain access to knowledge and resources to implement existing, market-ready green technologies. The second objective centers on fortifying international business alliances.


Societal implications

The societal implications of this project are robust, advancing both economic development and environmental sustainability. The initiative not only augments the capacity of Bulgarian businesses to thrive in an environmentally conscious market but also paves the way for enriched international collaborations, fostering a climate of mutual growth and opportunity.

Given the growing global focus on environmental sustainability, the relevance and urgency of the G4G initiative cannot be overstated. Firms that adopt sustainable technologies stand to gain a significant competitive edge in the marketplace.


Research and networking events

One of the main components of the project is conducting in-depth research into green industry innovations. This research isn't confined to Norway but extends across Europe and beyond. This scholarly work serves as the foundation for the creation of practical and deployable green technologies and methods that SMEs can adopt for their operations.

To complement the research aspect, networking events have been planned. These gatherings act as conduits for transferring knowledge and developing partnerships, providing SMEs an invaluable platform for understanding green innovations and identifying potential collaborative projects.

To make the green solutions easily accessible, all the research findings and applicable technologies will be consolidated into an easy-to-use online catalogue. This digital resource aims to provide instant access to information, encouraging quick adoption and deployment of green technologies by SMEs.


Our role

SINTEF Manufacturing plays a multi-dimensional role in the Greening for Growth (G4G) initiative, anchoring its scientific and networking components. SINTEF initiates comprehensive research focused on Green Industry Innovation solutions in Norway.

Beyond research, SINTEF also orchestrates a study visit for Bulgarian SMEs to Norway, offering direct exposure to cutting-edge green technologies and practices. In collaboration with the other project partners, SINTEF assists in the compilation of the Green Industry Innovation catalogue, serving as a valuable resource for businesses looking to implement sustainable technologies.

Additionally, SINTEF take the lead in engaging Norwegian companies in a matchmaking forum set to take place in Bulgaria, facilitating international partnerships and knowledge sharing.


In conclusion

G4G is designed to improve the competitiveness of Bulgarian SMEs in the green sector while simultaneously encouraging international cooperation. The project aligns well with broader global objectives for sustainable economic growth and collaborative efforts for environmental improvements.



Project financing

The project is financed by Innovation Norway, 2022/360520



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