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Envelope mAterial System with low Impact for Zero Energy Renovation and construction


EASI ZERo focuses on a unique package of easy to install envelope components towards building’s renovation for near zero energy balance and CO2 emission.


1. Inclusive and versatile toolset towards efficient and easy novation for buildings
2. Durable performance gain for thermal insulation
3. Low embodied energy and CO2 of EASI ZERo bio-based components
4. Easy, fast and reliable installation of panels, accessories and finishing materials
5. Contribution to circular economy via recycling and material resources savings
6. Sustainable material system contributing to zero energy buildings renovation
7. Conformity to regulation and standards
8. Short payback time through affordable material system and installation processes

Coordinator: CEA (FR)
Duration: 42 months
Total budget: 8 M€
16 partners: 9 industries + 6 RTOs + 1 university



2023 - 2025