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PhD- og masterstudenter


PhD student:

Marit Huizer, “Chemical analysis of the marine microalgae”

The student will optimize and perform all aspects of lipidomic-, metabolomic and pigment analysis using analytical chemistry instrumentation. She will produce data that enable comparison of the content of valuable pigment, lipids and other metabolites in algal samples produced at Finnfjord. She will also participate in testing the bioactivity and toxicological properties of algal extracts and fractions. Analytical chemistry methods will be used to determine which compounds in the biomass is responsible for the observed activities. The data produced by Huizer can be used to determine which algal strains and cultivation conditions have the highest potential as fish feed in terms of nutritional content.

Master student:

Magnus Andersland Antonsen, “Using metabolomics to identify secondary metabolites in algal biomass.”

The student will use metabolomic to compare the metabolome different algal biomass samples produced at Finnfjord. He will assay algal biomass fractions for bioactivity against cancerous- and non-cancerous cell lines, human pathogenic bacteria and biofilm formation and in an anti-inflammatory assay and use analytic chemistry methods to identify the bioactive compound(s) in the active fractions.