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TMS Shortcourse: Hydrogen as energy carrier and reductant in metallurgical applications

This 1-day course for professionals working in the metallurgical industry and related sectors discusses the fundamental and practical aspects of using hydrogen as energy carrier in burners and using it as a reducing agent, including safety aspects.


TMS annual meeting 2024, Orlando FL, United States
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Hydrogen can be used as energy carrier (fuel) in burners, or it can be used as a reducing agent. This one-day course discusses aspects related to burners such as burner design, key operational parameters, burner conversion from fossil fuel to hydrogen, and the impact of switching to hydrogen burners on furnace operations. Furnace design, process control, heat distribution and transfer, as well as off-gas management and waste heat are included.

The scope of this course includes use as a reducing agent in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals applications. The mechanisms, key factors, process parameters, and equipment are covered, for solid and molten state. Furthermore, safe working with hydrogen and the production and supply infrastructure of hydrogen will be discussed.

The course will use a mix of presentations, including industry experience and problem-based breakout groups, to provide a dynamic environment with lot of interaction.

This course is designed for professionals working in industry and research organisations with at least several years of experience after M.Sc. graduation.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand the state of the art, challenges and future developments in hydrogen production, in a metallurgical context
2) Insight into the key factors that are important when considering hydrogen-based burners
3) Understand opportunities and limitations of hydrogen as a fuel, impact on operations.
4) Understand opportunities and limitations for hydrogen as reductant in ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
5) Know the key safety aspects for designing equipment, processes and operations.
6) Understand how to use hydrogen in an industrial setting.

8.30 – Networking breakfast
9.00 – Welcome and introduction
9.10 – State of the art and future on hydrogen production
9.40 – Block 1: Hydrogen as fuel
11.30 – Block 2: Hydrogen as reductant
12.00 – Lunch 13.00 – Block 2: Hydrogen as reductant
14.00 – Block 3: Safety
15.00 - Break
15.30 – Break-out groups and report out
17.00 – End of event

TMS members: 585 USD til 31 January, after that 685 USD
Non-members: 715 USD til 31 January, after that 815 USD

More details on event website:
Detailed and updated agenda and instructor information via: www.tms.org/TMS2024/PD

This course will be held in English only.