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Håvard Heitlo Holm


Håvard Heitlo Holm


Håvard Heitlo Holm
Telefon: +47 911 36 826
Avdeling: Mathematics and Cybernetics
Kontorsted: Oslo

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GPUs have over the last decades gone from esoteric and experimental to becoming the work-horse of supercomputers and HPC machines. Today, half of the ten fastest supercomputers (including number one) use NVIDIA GPUs for performance, and nine of the top ten most energy efficient supercomputers use NV...

Forfattere Holm Håvard Heitlo Brodtkorb André R. Sætra Martin Lilleeng
År 2019
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon

In this paper, we present the CloudFlow Infrastructure, which aims to provide an independent platform for engineering workflows, leveraging both cloud and high performance computing. Each workflow can combine software from different vendors, promoting interoperability through open standards, and eas...

Forfattere Holm Håvard Heitlo Gezer Volkan Hermawati Setia Altenhofen Christian Hjelmervik Jon M.
År 2017
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

In this paper, we present a framework for easy integration of existing software solutions in a cloud environment. We aim to allow software providers to offer their products in the Cloud through a common web portal. Central in the framework is workflows, where independent software solutions can be ch...

Forfattere Holm Håvard Heitlo Hjelmervik Jon M. Gezer Volkan
År 2016
Type Del av bok/rapport