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When art meets science

What happens when art meets science and how can we use this to illustrate how human interaction affects marine life in the arctic?


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In 2021, EU updated its strategy on Arctic policy for "Safe, stable, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous Arctic" - which envisioned EU leadership to aid in slowing the effects of climate change and delivering targets of the EUs Green Deal.

SINTEF Ocean continues to support the need for sustained effort in research and development and coordination between sectoral and integrated governance arrangements in the Arctic regions. 


16:30 Opening 

16:35 Christian Clauwers (Documentary Photographer): "Using image and visual storytelling to bridge science, policy and industry." 

17:10 Sahar Stevenson-Jones (CLIMAREST/SINTEF Ocean): Dive into the Ocean with Me

17:25 Ute Bronner (SINTEF Ocean): How can we communicate Digital Twins of the Ocean through interactive gaming environments

17:40 Julia Farkas and Muriel Dunn (SINTEF Ocean): "How can we use sound to better understand ocean inhabitants and how changing ocean conditions are affecting them?"

17:55 Closing remarks

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Ocean and mountain in the artic.
Svalbard is feeling the alarming effects of climate change. Since 1970, average annual temperatures have risen by 4 degrees Celsius, with winter temperatures rising more than 7 degrees. We no longer see ice, nor snow. Photo: Christian Clauwers.



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