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SFI-søknad innen additiv tilvirkning

Et Senter for Forskningsdrevet Innovasjon (SFI) er et viktig verktøy for langsiktig FoU og innovasjon i Norge. Endel fagmiljøer ved SINTEF og NTNU har sammen med en gruppe av bedrifter søkt om et SFI innen additiv tilvirkning. Søknaden ble sendt inn i september 2019.

 Senteret "Centre for additive manufacturing in Norway" (CAMINO), vil være en pådriver for innovativ og konkurransedyktig bruk av AM i norsk industri. Senteret vil bygge videre på norsk spisskompetanse innen viktige teknologiområder for AM, som f.eks. simuleringsbasert design, prosessteknologi, materialteknologi og produktkvalitet. 

Følgende 14 bedrifter er med på søknaden: Aker Solutions, Equinor, Fieldmade, Hycast, Jotne EPM Technology, Kongsberg Maritime, Nordic Additive Manufacturing, Promet, Prototech, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing (Sverige), Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (Sverige), Tronrud Engineering, Vitec og Uformia.

Her er et sammendrag av SFI-søknaden:

Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have brought disruptive changes to several application areas, including components for demanding applications, to be addressed by SFI CAMINO. The centre's starting point is the recent surging interest from leading Norwegian companies from renewable energy, oil&gas and maritime sectors in utilising AM's potential for novel supply chains for new parts, spare parts and repair. 

The adoption of AM on an industrial scale is challenging and requires experts with competences from several research fields. Hence, in addition to AM expertise, this centre will bring together industry experts, researchers and students from different disciplines such as materials science, structural integrity, digital technologies, applied mathematics and economics.

SFI CAMINO aims at developing a scientific fundament leading to new knowledge and methods which can accelerate the implementation of AM in the Norwegian industry. Key challenges with AM are currently the lack of predictability, and a discrepancy between the capabilities of available numerical design and optimisation tools and the specific requirements in design for AM. 

In collaboration with international partners, SFI CAMINO will conduct world-class research. We will develop a framework of predictive multiscale models and simulation tools; towards "predictive AM" and "closed-loop design and simulation". Furthermore, SFI CAMINO will contribute to innovative AM-enabled products, and competitive AM-based production and supply chains in Norway, such as spare parts on-demand by AM via digital warehouses.

The centre will constitute a scientific basis for the development of industrial AM in Norway. In collaboration with international partners, the centre will bring our research on AM to the international forefront. Further, the centre will place AM on the Norwegian research and innovation map, act as an ecosystem for AM-related R&D in Norway, and catalyse new research and innovation projects.


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