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ROCARC Webinar 2020 – Knowledge Exchange in Rock Anchoring

Summary and presentations

The webinar was successfully organised on 18th November 2020, from 9h00 to 13h40. Number of attendees was 97, mostly from Scandinavia countries. There were also attendees from Colombia, Vietnam.

As planned, a total of 8 presentations were presented. Presenters and titles were: 

  1. Charlie Li, IGP / NTNU, Introduction to the project ROCARC - Rock anchoring for stabilization of infrastructures with focus on the arching effect and rock-grout bond
  2. Magnus Sørensen, Multiconsult, 2D-modellering av bergforankrede vindturbinfundamenter 
  3. Mahdi Shabanimashcool, NGI, Rock anchored foundations for wind turbines – 3D modelling
  4. Andreas Ongstad, Norconsult, Forankringer i berg – FoU og praksis i Norconsult 
  5. Leif Lia, IBM/NTNU, Bruk av fjellanker på norske dammar
  6. Peter Lundqvist, Vattenfall, Sweden, A new guideline on post-tensioning tendons for dam-owners in Sweden 
  7. Tor Harald Hanssen, Comrod Utility Systems AS, Fundamentering av kraftmaster – historien, utfordringer og tester gjennomført av Comrod
  8. Jessica Ka Yi Chiu, NGI, Mastefundamentering på berg – bergmasseklassifisering og dimensjonering

During the webinar, lot of issues were presented and discussed. The mentioned issues were:

  • Considerations during analytical calculation of capacity of the rock anchoring
  • Numerical modelling (2D, 3D) of rock anchoring in different rock mass conditions
  • Measurements in anchoring
  • In-situ test of anchor
  • Application of rock anchoring in dams and spillways
  • Application of rock anchoring in windmill and power transmission lines
  • Failures of anchoring

Lot of knowledge has been exchanged between industry and academic as well as between professionals.