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Utvikling av nye produkter med redusert klimaavtrykk inn grønn industriell innovasjon, av JSC MADARA Cosmetics

Prototype development

I løpet av prosjektet "Nye produkter med redusert miljøpåvirkning innen området grønn industriinnovasjon av JSC MADARA Cosmetics" utvikles og testes nye produkter.

Based on instructions provided by us, the research institute SINTEF prepared and shipped the initial prototypes for a gel base. During the evaluation process of the first prototypes, various adjustments were made and passed on for modification. We are currently awaiting the new, revised samples to continue the development.

4 new product prototypes for sensitive skin were developed and tested in audience tests in Latvia and Finland. The tests identified areas for improvement, and an adjustment plan is currently being implemented. To ensure that the new products comply with the requirements of the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Association, the development process follows a strict set of procedures. Product packaging concepts are currently under development.

For the development of powders, various raw materials were carefully researched in order to select the most suitable ones. The first formula recipes have also been developed, as well as the technological process for manufacturing. Laboratory samples are currently being prepared and tested to achieve the desired product formula. The grinder mill required for the creation of powders has already been received, while the powder press has undergone an acceptance test at the equipment manufacturer. Other equipment mentioned in the project has also been contracted and is currently under development.