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Forskningsinstituttene SINTEF Materialer og kjemi og SINTEF Petroleum har med virkning fra 1. januar 2018 slått seg sammen og heter nå SINTEF Industri.

Integrated Drilling Simulator (IDS)

Integrated Drilling Simulator (IDS)

The Integrated Drilling Simulator (IDS) is the heart of both the eDrilling System and the eControl System. IDS is a synthesis of multiple transient and steady state coupled models for the drilling sub-processes. It simulates interactions between the various sub-processes. At present the IDS consists of a dynamic flow and temperature model, a torque and drag model, a rate of penetration (ROP) model, a wellbore stability model, and a pore pressure model.

The applications of the IDS are:

  • During design to  test the Drilling Plan as well as develop scenarios to be expected
  • Training of personnel
  • During operations for process control. IDS is linked to the drilling process in real time and assist in diagnosis, drilling optimization and forward looking
  • During post analysis to assist in knowledge building and experience transfer


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