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Optimization is about finding the best solution possible, for instance the current fastest journey from A to B in a public transit network, the most powerful placement of wind turbines, or the parameters of an industrial process that gives the least environmental damage. Vital optimization problems are found everywhere in society. They are hard to solve.


Humans need automated support to find better solutions to optimization problems and spend less time and effort in finding it. The potential gains are huge. To automate an optimization process, one must develop a model that captures all essential characteristics of the application in the form of variables, objectives, and constraints. An optimization solver is a piece of software that is based on an optimization model and a solution algorithm. Solvers that are effective for certain application types are available on the market. In many cases, a tailor-made solver is the only solution.

For more than 25 years, SINTEF has developed optimization models, methods, solvers, and software libraries for a wide range of applications. Examples are:

• route planning and vehicle routing in goods and passenger transportation

• dynamic scheduling of arriving and departing aircraft in air traffic management

• railway timetabling, dispatching, and maintenance planning

• rostering and activity scheduling in health care

• sports fixture generation and tournament scheduling

SINTEF offer a range of services in optimization, covering:

• solving concrete optimization cases

• consultancy, such as development of requirements, technology surveys, assessment of commercial solutions

• development of models, algorithms, and optimization solvers for specific applications

• basic and applied research in optimization methods

SINTEF has leading edge expertise in modelling, exact and approximate solution methods from mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence, including mathematical programming, decomposition, metaheuristics, matheuristics, and constraint programming. We publish regularly in the best scientific journals. Even more important, we utilize our expertise to make a better society by developing optimization technology that is used in practice.

Read more on the web site for the Optimization Group here.

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