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HighEFF Kick-off

HighEFF Kick-off

Welcome to the official opening of FME HighEFF - Centre for an Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry for the Future - on 28 November in Trondheim.

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
Kjøpmannsgata 73 Trondheim
28.11.2016 09.30 Legg til i kalender
28.11.2016 17.00

This day will mark the beginning of eight years with exciting activities in HighEFF.

The Kick-off will contain three parts:

  • Official opening with invited speakers from research, academia, industry and the Research Council of Norway
  • HighEFF status and informaton about the General assembly
  • A HighEFF workshop where the HighEFF Work plan will be presented and discussed

The event is open only for those who are directly invited.


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