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Marit Kristin Haugen


Marit Kristin Haugen


Marit Kristin Haugen
Telefon: 938 30 786
Avdeling: Infrastruktur
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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During excavation of tunnels, large amounts of rock material are produced. This excavated rock material is utilized to a varying extent for road-, railway- and concrete purposes, but significant amounts are used as deposits on land, in fjords or lakes. For both economic and environmental reasons the...

Forfattere Kari Aarstad Berit Gudding Petersen Cristina Ramos Martinez Daniel Gunther Javier Macias Lillian Uthus Mathisen Marit Fladvad Marit Kristin Haugen Roar Nålsund Svein Willy Danielsen Øyvind Bjøntegaard
År 2019
Type Rapport

Alongside well-researched themes such as water and moisture, the service life and function of masonry veneers are often compromised by precipitation combined with poor design considerations, execution, and selection of materials. Little research has been carried out on the subject of the impact of m...

Forfattere Fredrik Slapø Tore Kvande Noralf Bakken Marit Kristin Haugen Jardar Lohne
År 2017
Type Vitenskapelig artikkel

Even though alkali silica reaction (ASR) is one of the main deterioration mechanisms in Norway, only a few Norwegian concrete structures with ASR have so far been rehabilitated. As a basis for planning and executing repair works, detailed condition surveys including laboratory analyses are required ...

Forfattere Svein Larsen Jan Lindgård Erik Valdemar Thorenfeldt Eva Rodum Marit Kristin Haugen
År 2008
Type Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel