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Terje Mugaas


Terje Mugaas


Terje Mugaas
Telefon: +47 909 67 896
Avdeling: Mathematics and Cybernetics
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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We present an industrialized version of a boring bar with embedded sensors and electronics that measure cutting forces and vibration. The novel tool gives the operator or process developer valuable insight into the cutting process in components like jet engine shafts and landing gear. Critical...

Forfattere Dan Östling Tormod Jensen Mathias Tjomsland Oddvar Standal Terje Mugaas
År 2018
Type Vitenskapelig artikkel

Purpose Practically all salmon fillets produced in Norway are trimmed clean of unwanted fat, bone remnants and other defects according to customer requirements. In today’s modern salmon-processing plants, the trimming operation is performed by a combination of automated trimming machines and...


In myoelectric prostheses, movement artifacts are known to impair control performance. This study relates to a novel sensor which measures surface electromyograms (SEMG) as well as contact force at the electrode-skin interface. Its purpose is to explore the in-socket mechanical realities of...

Forfattere Øyvind Stavdahl Peter Joseph Kyberd Tordis Magne Maria Vatshaug Ottermo Terje Mugaas
År 2011
Type Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Robots are increasingly being introduced into new application areas and they can substitute high-cost manual labor in 4D (dirty, dull, distant or dangerous) environments. This can contribute to a reduction of production costs and improved environment, health and safety (EHS) issues, as well as...

År 2010
Type Rapport