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Post-2020 framework for a liberalised electricity market with a large share of Renewable Energy Sources



Market4RES investigates the potential evolution of the Target Model (TM) for the integration of EU electricity markets that will enable a sustainable, functioning and secure power system with large amounts of renewables.

Expected outputs

  • Recommendations to adapt the existing power market design for optimising RES–E integration up to 2020
  • Proposals for market mechanisms facilitating the EU-wide deployment of variable renewable electricity
  • Proposals for incentivising market-based investments in power generation
  • Proposals for the implementation of the recommended policy choices, legislation and regulation options across the energy sector

The Market4RES project actively involves relevant players in the value chain to ensure that the project delivers recommendations from the main market players to decision makers.

See the project website for more information including results.



2014 - 2016

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