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Robustness in shipbuilding planning

The NextShip knowledge building project will bring together expertise from a number of scientific disciplines and actively participating Norwegian shipbuilding partners to contribute to the vision of:

Raising Norwegian shipbuilding to world leaders by en abling robustness in planning and operations when producing related but not completely identical offshore vessels in a network of collaborating yards. The goal of NextShip is to increase shipbuilding productivity and to add value by reducing time to mark et, rework and waste. In a construction project the major issue to be studied is that of a delay relative to a plan. While the question"What do we do to reduce delays?" (e.g. decisions) has obtained great focus in practice and academics, it has been le ss focus on "Why do plans fail and become irrelevant? What drives time and cost increase?". However, when the questions "Why do plans fail?, What are the risks of these plans?"are not completely understood, the successfulness of lean implementation is l imited. As we see it, the answers to these questions relate to the assumptions in lean construction theory; particularly, the risks that affect the conditions to be satisfied to apply the theory in its present form. If the theoretical assumptions (the giv ens) do not reflect real life business situation, the theory needs to be revised. To achieve efficiency is shipbuilding planning and operations conceptual knowledge building is needed to understand the 'whys' before actual decisions can be planned. As s uch, the NextShip will focus on the following: Firstly, understand the drivers of chaotic elements and risks in the premises for each activity in shipbuilding, including the human bias. Secondly, eliminate the risks or handle them by organizational and te chnological changes, to enable lean and flexible processes. The NextShip is a theory extention/ theory building project examining shipbuilding networking efficiency in a holistic, interdisciplinary context.



01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015




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