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IOP Conference series: Journal of Physics - Voume 1104, 2018


Detailed programme from the 2018 Conference

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Opening Session - Frontiers of Science and Technology

Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO, SINTEF                       
Jørn Scharling Holm, Technology Partnerships Manager, Ørsted    
Hanne Wigum, Manager Renewable Technology, Statoil    
Matthijs Soede, Research Programme Officer, EC    
Aiden Cronin, ETIP Wind    
Nils Røkke, Chair, European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)    

A1) New turbine and generator technology

Lightweight design of the INNWIND.EU and AVATAR rotors through multi-disciplinary optimization algorithms   A.Croce, Politecnico di
Initial Design of a 12 MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine    P.T.Dam, University of Ulsan, Korea
Performance Assessment of a High Definition Modular Multilevel Converter for Offshore Wind Turbines   R.Torres-Olguin, SINTEF Energi
Mitigation of Loads on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines through Advanced Control Strategies   D.Ward, Cranfield University

A2) New turbine and generator technology

Integrated design of a semi-submersible floating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) with active blade pitch control   F.Huijs, GustoMSC
Evaluation of control methods for floating offshore wind turbines    W.Yu, University of Stuttgart
Impact of the aerodynamic model on the modelling of the behaviour of a Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine   V.Leroy, LHHEA and INNOSEA

B1) Grid connection and power system integration

Ancillary services from wind farms    W.Leithead, Strathclyde University
North Seas Offshore Network: Challenges and its way forward    P.Härtel, Fraunhofer IWES 
Towards a fully integrated North Sea Offshore Grid: An engineering-economic assessment of a Power Link Island    M.Korpås, NTNU 
Generic Future Grid Code regarding Wind Power in Europe   T.K.Vrana, SINTEF Energi

B2) Grid connection and power system integration

Statistical Analysis of Offshore Wind and other VRE Generation to Estimate the Variability in Future Residual Load   M.Koivisto, DTU Wind Energy
A demonstrator for experimental testing integration of offshore wind
farms with HVDC connection 
  S.D'Arco, SINTEF Energi 
Optimal Operation of Large Scale Flexible Hydrogen Production in Constrained Transmission Grids with Stochastic Wind Power     E.F.Bødal, NTNU
Small signal modelling and eigenvalue analysis of multiterminal HVDC grids    S. D'Arco, SINTEF Energi

C1) Met-ocean conditions

Assessing Smoothing Effects of Wind Power around Trondheim via Koopman Mode Decomposition   Y.Susuki, Osaka Prefecture University
An interactive global
database of potential floating wind park sites
   L.Frøyd, 4Subsea AS
Offshore Wind: How an Industry Revolutionised Itself    M.Smith, Zephir Ltd 

C2) Met-ocean conditions

Wind conditions in a Norwegian fjord derived from tall meteorological masts and synchronized doppler lidars   H.Agustsson, Kjeller Vindteknikk
Complementary use of wind
lidars and land-based met-masts for wind characterization in a wide fjord
  E.Cheynet, University of Stavanger
Simulation and observations
of wave conditions in Norwegian fjords 
  B.R.Furevik, Meteorologisk institutt

D1) Operation & maintenance

Wind Turbine Gearbox Planet Bearing Failure Prediction Using Vibration Data   S.Koukoura, University of Strathclyde
Data Insights from an Offshore Wind Turbine Gearbox Replacement   A.K.Papatzimos, University of Edinburgh
Further investigation of the relationship between main-bearing loads and wind field characteristics     A.Turnbull, University of Strathclyde
Damage Localization using
Model Updating on a Wind Turbine Blade 
   K. Schröder, University of Hannover

D2) Operation & maintenance

Using a Langevin model for the simulation of environmental conditions in an offshore wind farm     H. Seyr, NTNU
The LEANWIND suite of logistics optimisation and full life-cycle simulation models for offshore wind farms   F.D.McAuliffe, University College Cork
Analysis, comparison and optimization of the logistic concept for wind turbine commissioning   M.Wiggert, Fraunhofer IWES

E1) Installation and sub-structures

Floating offshore wind turbine design stage summary in LIFES50+ project   G.Pérez, TECNALIA
A comprehensive method for
the structural design and verification of the INNWIND 10MW tri-spar floater
  D.Manolas, NTUA
Reducing cost of offshore wind by integrated structural and geotechnical design   K.Skau, NGI and NTNU
Catenary mooring chain eigen modes and the effects on
fatigue life 
   T.A.Nygaard, IFE

E2) Installation and sub-structures

A numerical study of a catamaran installation vessel for installing offshore wind turbines   Z.Jiang, NTNU
Instrumenting the Gravity base foundations for the Blyth Offshore Demonstration wind farm   P.McKeever, ORE Catapult
Integrated conceptual
optimal design of jackets and foundations
  M.Stolpe, Technical University of Denmark

F) Wind farm optimization

The DIMSELO Project (Dimensioning Sea Loads for Offshore Wind Turbines)   F.Pierella, IFE
A savings procedure based
construction heuristic for the offshore wind inter-array cable layout optimization problem
  S.Fotedar, University of Bergen
Calibration and Initial
Validation of FAST.Farm Against SOWFA
  J.Jonkman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
An Experimental Study on the Far Wake Development
behind a Yawed Wind turbine
  F.Mühle, NMBU

G1) Experimental testing and validation

Wind tunnel experiments on
wind turbine wakes in yaw: Redefining the wake width
  J.Schottler, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
A Detached- Eddy-Simulation study: Proper - Orthogonal - Decomposition of the wake flow behind a model wind turbine    J.Göing, Technische Universität Berlin
BOHEM (Blade Optical HEalth
  P.McKeever, ORE Catapult
Scaled Wind Turbine Setup in Turbulent Wind Tunnel   F.Berger, CvO University of Oldenburg

G2) Experimental Testing and Validation

Documentation, Verification
and Validation of Real-Time Hybrid Model tests for the 10MW OO-Star Wind
Floater semi FOWT
  M.Thys, SINTEF Ocean
Validation of the real-time-response ProCap measurement system for full field flow measurements in a model-scale
wind turbine wake
  J.Bartl, NTNU
Experimental Study on
Slamming Load by Simplified Substructure
  B.Seo, University of Ulsan, Korea
Physical model testing of the TetraSpar floater in two
  M.Borg, DTU Wind Energy

H) Wind farm control systems

Real-time wind field estimation & model calibration using SCADA data in pursuit of closed-loop wind farm control    B.Doekemeijer, Delft University of Technology 
Mitigating Turbine Mechanical Loads Using Engineering Model Predictive Wind Farm Controller    J.Kazda, DTU Wind Energy
An approach to linear analysis of wind power plant dynamics, stability, and control   K.Merz, SINTEF Energi
Wind farm control   W.Leithead, Strathclyde University

Closing session

WindBarge: floating wind production at intermediate water depths   J.Krokstad, NTNU
OO-Star Wind Floater - The cost effective solution for future offshore wind developments   T,Landbø, Dr.techn. Olav Olsen
The first floating wind turbine in France: Status, Feedbacks & Perspectives   I. Le Crom, Centrale Nantes
Progress of EERA JP Wind towards stronger collaboration and impact   P.Hauge Madsen, DTU Wind Energy
EERA DeepWind'2018 - Closing remarks   J.O.Tande, SINTEF Energi



Session A

Load estimation and O&M costs of Multi Rotor Array turbine for the south Baltic Sea   M. Karczewski, Lodz University of Technology 
Dynamic Responses Analysis for Initial Design of a 12 MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with a Semi-Submersible Platform   J.Kim, University of Ulsan, Korea

Session B

SiC MOSFETs for Offshore Wind Applications    S.Tiwari, NTNU/SINTEF Ocean 

Session C

Extreme met-ocean conditions in a Norwegian fjords   Z. Midjiyawa, Meteorologisk
Modelling of non-neutral wind profiles - current recommendations vs. coastal wind climate measurements     P.Domagalski, Lodz University of Technology
Uncertainty estimations for offshore wind resource assessment and power
  D.Foussekis, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources

Session D 

Using a Langevin model for the simulation of environmental conditions in an offshore wind farm     H.Seyr, NTNU
On the effects of environmental conditions on wind turbine performance – an offshore case study    E. González, CIRCE –
Universidd de Zaragoza 

Session E

Design optimization with genetic algorithms: How does steel mass increase if offshore wind monopiles are designed for a longerservice life?     L.Ziegler, Ramboll Wind
Experimental Study on Slamming Load by Simplified Substructure    A.Krogstad, NTNU
Effect of hydrodynamic load modelling on the response of floating wind turbines and its mooring system in small water depths    K.Xu, NTNU 
Supply chains for floating offshore wind substructures - a TLP example    H.Hartmann, University Rostock
Critical Review of Floating Support Structures for Offshore Wind Farm Deployment    M Leimeister, REMS,
Cranfield University 
Asessment of the state-of-the-art ULS design procedure for offshore wind turbine sub-structures   C. Hübler, Leibniz Univ
Offshore Floating Platforms: Analysis of a Solution for Motion Mitigation    A.Rodriguez, Saitec Offshore Technologies 
State-of-the-art model for the LIFES50+ OO-Star Wind Floater Semi 10MW floating wind turbine   A.Pegalar-Jurado, DTU 
Validation of a CFD model for the LIFES50+ OO-Star Wind Floater Semi 10MW and investigation of viscous flow effects     H. Sarlak, DTU
Designing FOWT mooring system in shallow water depth    V. Arnal, LHEEA,  Centrale
Construction Possibilities for Serial Production of Monolithic Concrete Spar Buoy Platforms    C. Molins, UPC-Barcelona Tech 
Extreme response estimation of offshore wind turbines with an extended contour-line method    J-T.Horn, NTNU 
Fabrication and Installation of OO-Star Wind Floater   T.Landbø, Dr.techn.Olav Olsen

Session F

Experimental validation of analytical wake and downstream turbine
performance modelling
  F.Polster, Technical University of Berlin
Reduce Order Model for the prediction of the aerodynamic lift around the NACA0015 airfoil   M.S. Siddiqui, NTNU
Fast divergence-conforming reduced orders models for flow   E. Fonn, SINTEF Digital

Session G

Sensitivity analysis of the dynamic response of a floating wind turbine   R. Siavashi, University of Bergen
Parameter Estimation of Breaking Wave Load Model using Monte Carlo Simulation   S. Wang, DTU Wind Energy
Emulation of ReaTHM testing   L. Eliassen, SINTEF Ocean
Multiple degrees of freedom real-time actuation of aerodynamic loads in model testing of floating wind turbines using cable-driven parallel robots   V.Chabaud, NTNU/SINTEF Ocean
A 6DoF hydrodynamic model for real time implementation in hybrid testing   I. Bayati, Politecnico di
Kalman Estimation of Position and Velocity for ReaTHM Testing Applications   E.Bachmann Mehammer, Imperial College London/SINTEF
Numerical modelling and validation of a semisubmersible floating offshore wind turbine under wind and wave misalignment   S.OH, ClassNK

Session H 

Impact on wind turbine loads from different down regulation control strategies   C. Galinos, DTU