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1 Coastal current  eddies

Principal investigator: Vinger

Year: 1979-1980
Vinger, Å. McClimans, T.A. and Tryggestad, S. (1981) Laboratory observations of instabilities in a straight coastal current. In The Norwegian Coastal Current, Eds. R. Sætre and M. Mork, Univ. of Bergen. pp 553 582.  

2 River Plumes

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Eidnes
Year:  1980
McClimans, T.A. (1980) River plume studies in a rotating basin. VHL rapport STF60 A80108.

Eidnes, G. (1982): Turbulent entrainment across density interfaces (In Norwegian). Thesis for the Master's Degree, University of Oslo

McClimans, T.A. (1983) Laboratory simulation of river plumes and coastal currents. Proceedings ASME Symposium on Modeling of Environmental flow Systems. FED 8:3 9. 

3 Phase speed and growth of whirls

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Green
Year:  1982
McClimans, T.A. and Nilsen, J.H. (1983) Whirls in the Norwegian Coastal Current. In Coastal Oceanography, Eds. H.G. Gade, A. Edwards and H. Svendsen. Plenum pp. 311 320.

McClimans, T.A. and Green, T. (1983) Phase speed and growth of whirls in a baroclinic coastal current. RHL Report STF60 A82108.

McClimans, T.A., Vinger, Å. and Mork, M. (1985) The role of Froude number in models of baroclinic coastal currents. Ocean Modelling 62:14 17.

4 Baroclinic coastal current from variable source

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Vinger
Year:  1983
Hansen, S.E. and McClimans, T.A. (1987) Forecasting currents in coastal waters. Fifth Symp. on Coastal and Ocean Management. "Coastal Zone 87". ASCE. Proceedings pp 2864 2876. 

Video: Whirls in the Norwegian Coastal Current

5 Northern North Sea

Principal Investigator: McClimans
Year:  1984

Video: Forecasting ocean currents of the northern North Sea (30 min)

6 Eddy tracking experiment

Principal Investigator: McClimans
Year:  1986

Hansen, S.E. and McClimans, T.A. (1987) Forecasting currents in coastal waters. Fifth Symp. on Coastal and Ocean Management. "Coastal Zone 87". ASCE. Proceedings pp 2864 2876.

Video: Laboratory model forecasts for Eddy Tracking Experiment 24 Feb - 6 Mar

7 Stad-Lofoten

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Jacobson
Year:  1987

Video: Ocean circulation on the central Norwegian Continental Shelf (16 min)

8 Barents Sea

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Nilsen
Year:  1987-1992
McClimans, T.A. and Nilsen, J.H. (1990) A laboratory simulation of the ocean currents of the Barents Sea during 1979 1984. NHL Report STF60 A90018.

McClimans, T.A. and Nilsen, J.H. (1993) Laboratory simulation of the ocean currents in the Barents Sea. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans. 19:3-26

Video:  Laboratory model of the Barents Sea (30 min)

9 Boknafjord

Principal Investigator: Steen/McClimans
Year:  1987-1989

Moen, I. (1989) Studie av det dynamiske samspillet mellom fjord- og kystvann. Hovedfagsoppgave i oseanografi, Universitet i Bergen, 2. november 1989.

Laboratoriemodellering av sirkulasjonsmønstre øst og syd for Kårstø  (23 min)

Effects of river regulation on the circulation of Boknafjord (14 min)

10 Vestfjorden

Principal Investigator: Nilsen/McClimans
Year:  1991-1992
McClimans, T.A. and Nilsen, J.H. (1991) Laboratory simulation of the ocean circulation around Lofoten from October 1982 to June 1984. NHL Report STF60 A91027.

Nilsen, J.H. (1994) An experimental study of internal tidal amphidromes in Vestfjorden , PhD thesis, Dept. of Structural Engineering, NTH, Trondheim

Nilsen, J.H. (1994) An experimental study of Internal tidal amphidromes in Vestfjorden. Fourth International Symposium on Stratified Flows. Grenoble. Volume 3, Section B5. IAHR. (Also SINTEF Report No. STF60 S94004.) 8 pp.

Video: Laboratory simulation of the ocean circulation around Lofoten (30 min) 

11 Fensfjorden

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Nilsen
Year:  1993
McClimans, T.A., Eidnes, G. and Moshagen, H. (2009) Extreme bottom currents along a deep fjord pipeline route. Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009, III:933-939. ISBN: 978-1-880653-53-1.

12 Skagerak

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Nilsen
Year:  1995
McClimans, T.A., Pietrzak, J., Huess, V., Kliem, N., Nilsen, J.H. and Johannessen, B.O., (2000) A comparison of laboratory and numerical simulations of the ocean circulation in the Skagerrak. Cont. Shelf Res. 20:941-974.



McClimans, T.A. and Ellingsen, I.H. (2010) Anticyclonic eddies in the Skagerrak. Poster presentation at the Nordic Marine Science Conference, Strømstad, Sweden, 13-16 September, 2010.


Spredning av utslipp fra petroleumsvirksomhet i Skagerrak  (15 min)



Laboratory simulation of the ocean circulation in the Skagerrak (6 min) 

13 Kara Sea

Principal Investigator: McClimans/Nilsen
Year:  1996-1998
McClimans, T.A., Johnson, D.R., Krosshavn, M., King. S.E., Carroll, JoL. and Grenness, Ø. (2000) Transport processes in the Kara Sea. J. Geophys Res. 105:14,121-14,139.

McClimans, T.A., Johannessen, B.O. and Nilsen, J.H. (1997) A laboratory simulation of the ocean circulation in the eastern Barents and Kara seas. SINTEF CEE Report STF22 A97235, ISBN 82-14-00387-3.

McClimans, T.A. (1997) Model verification of transport processes in the Barents and Kara seas. AMAP International Symposium on Environmental Pollution of the Arctic. Tromsø, Norway, 1 -5 June, 1997. Extended Abstract pp 244-246.

McClimans, T.A. and Vefsnmo, S. (1999) A laboratory benchmark for the ocean circulation of the Kara Sea. SINTEF Civil and Environmentsl Engineering Web site http://www.sintef.no/units/civil/coastal/index.html, ONR Benchmark Kara Sea.

Video: The Kara Sea model (15 min) 

14 Canary Current

Principal Investigator: Garcia-Weil
Year:  1999
Garcia-Weil, L. Pacheco, M., Rodríguez, G. and McClimans, T. (2000) Topographic effects on the mesoscale ocean circulation near Canary Archipelago examined by means of satellite images and laboratory simulations. Proc. IGARS-2000, Hawaii, pp. 1830-32, IEEE, 0-7803-6359-0/00.

15 Eddy oscillations

Principal Investigator: Rubino
Year:  1999
Rubino, A., Brandt, P. and McClimans, T. (2000) Frictional and nonfrictional decay of surface anticyclonic vorticies in a stratified experiment, LSF-Report, SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering, Trondheim, Norway. 


16 HYDRIV PTV (Particle Tracking Velocimetry)

Principal Investigator: Løvås
Year:  2001
Nilsen, J.H. and Hådem, I. (1994) Photogrammetric tracking of tracer particles in modelled ocean flows. J. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 49:9-20.

Løvås, S.M., McClimans, T.A. and Manent, E. (2001) The use of photogrammetry for measuring vertical velocities in laboratory geophysical dynamics experiments. Proceedings of the 2001 International Symposium on Environmewntal Hydraulics. Tempe, AZ, 5-8 December 2001.

17 Internal Kelvin Waves

Principal Investigator: Arneborg
Year:  2001
Andrée, G. (2001) Internal Kelvin waves generated at an escarpment in a rotating strait: an experimental study. M.S. thesis Gothenburg University, Earth Science Centre Series, B297.

18 Geostrophic turbulence 

Principal Investigator: Redondo
Year:  2002

19 Western boundary currents

Principal Investigator: Pierini
Year:  2002
Peirini, S., Malvestuto, V., Siena, G., McClimans, T.A. and Løvås, S.M. (2008) A laboratory study of the zonal structure of western boundary currents. J. Phys. Ocean. 38:1073-1090.


20 Modons

Principal Investigator: Kizner
Year:  2004
Trieling, R.R., van Heijst, G.J.F.  and  Kizner, Z. (2010) Laboratory experiments on multipolar vortices in a rotating fluid. Phys. Fluids 22, 094104 - 12 pp.
(Sequel to study in Trondheim)

Quadrapoles (5 min)

Pentapoles (5 min)

21 Boundary currents in the Arctic

Principal Investigator: Nøst
Year:  2004-2005
Nøst, O.A., Nilsson, J. and Nycander, J. (2008) On the asymmetry between cyclonic and anticyclonic flow in basins with sloping boundaries. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 38:771-787.

22 Coastal current on sloping bottom

Principal Investigator: Thomas
Year:  2007

Gregorio, S.O., Thomas, P.J., Brend, M.A., Ellingsen, I.H., Linden, P.F. (2008) Oceanographic Coastal Currents over Bottom Slopes, talk presented at the EUROMECH, 7th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC7), University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 14-18 September 2008. Extended Abstract published on p.125 in Book of Abstracts.

23 Polar modons on Venus, Earth and Saturn

Principal Investigator: Montabone
Year:  2008
Aguiar, A.C.B., Read, P.L., Yamazaki, Y.H., Wordsworth, R.D., Salter, T., Jacoby, T, Montabone, L. and McClimans, T. (2008) Laboratory analogues of Saturn’s north polar hexagon. Poster presented at Saturn Book Symposium “Saturn after Cassini-Huygens”, 28 July – 1 August, 2008, Imperial College London.

Montabone, L., Wordsworth, R., Aguiar, A., Jacoby, T., McClimans, T.A., Read, P.L. and Wilson, C. (2009) Coherent structures in planetary polar vortices: a laboratory view. Poster presentation at European Space Agency International Conference on Comparative Planetology: Venus-Earth-Mars, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 11-15 May, 2009.

24 Western boundary current separation

Principal Investigator: Pierini
Year:  2008
Pierini, S., Pierpaolo, F., Zambardino, G., McClimans, T.A. and Ellingsen, I. (2011) Nonlinear effects on western boundary current structure and separation: a laboratory study. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 41:2063-2079.

Poster NP2.3-A313

25 Faroe Channel overflow

Principal Investigator: Cuthbertson
Year:  2009
Cuthbertson, A., Laanearu, J., Wahlin, A. and Davies, P. (2011). Experimental and analytical investigation of dense gravity currents in a rotating, up-sloping and converging channel. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 52(3), 386-409.