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Nor-Shipping 2019

SINTEF Ocean har stand på den norske paviljongen under Nor-Shipping på Lillestrøm. Velkommen til stand C05-26.


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Under konferansen vil vi være til stede under Technical Seminars. Her vil SINTEF Ocen holde to innlegg i Hall E.  

Onsdag 5. juni kl 13:00

Efficient operations using numerical methods

Marine operations performed by offshore vessels become increasingly challenging. In order to avoid most unfavourable situations, one needs accurate and reliable data regarding behaviour of propulsors under realistic operation conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used to study the hydrodynamic performance of different type of propulsors including azimuth thrusters and tunnel thrusters. The impact of cavitation on tunnel propellers is also addressed. The studies illustrate the importance of dynamic effects associated with propulsor motions, unsteady inflow on propulsor, and interaction phenomena

Foredragsholder: Kourosh Koushan

Torsdag 6. juni kl 10:30

Defining the zero emission cruiseliner

The seminar will present concepts and solutions for future zero emissions cruise vessels, based on the research in the SFI Smart Maritime center. Cases will be presented on solutions for new hulls, propulsion, energy production and alternative fuels.

Foredragsholder: Anders Valland

Det er plass til 150 personer på seminarene.


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