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Sigrid Kaarstad Dahl


Sigrid Kaarstad Dahl


Sigrid Kaarstad Dahl
Telefon: 911 65 067
Avdeling: Helse
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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When using Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate ventricular blood flow in the heart, it has been common practice to neglect the effect of the sub-valvular apparatus and the trabeculae on the flow conditions. In this study, we analyze the effect of neglecting the chordae tendineae on the fluid fl...

År 2019
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

The study is looking into the potential of using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as a tool for predicting the outcome of surgery for alleviation of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). From pre- and post-operative computed tomography (CT) of an OSAS patient, the pre- and post-operative geomet...

Forfattere Jordal Maria Johnsen Sverre Gullikstad Dahl Sigrid Kaarstad Müller Bernhard
År 2017
Type Del av bok/rapport

In this master thesis, a patient specific computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study has been done on the air flow in the human upper airways before and after surgical intervention. The patient studied is a 67 years old man who went from having moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), to clos...

Forfattere Jordal Maria Rolstad Müller Bernhard Johnsen Sverre Gullikstad Dahl Sigrid Kaarstad
År 2016
Type Rapport/avhandling