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Marianne Hagaseth


Marianne Hagaseth


Marianne Hagaseth
Telefon: +47 909 56 469
Avdeling: Energi og transport
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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This paper presents the hull-to-hull (H2H) project where the concept of hull to hull positioning and uncertainty zones are used to assist navigators and operators to perform safe navigation of objects in proximity to each other. Data from position sensors and geometry (2D/3D) data will be shared amo...

Forfattere Berge Svein Peder Hagaseth Marianne Kvam Per Erik Rinnan Arne
År 2019
Type Del av bok/rapport

This paper describes how the Automatic Identification System - Application Specific Message (AIS/ASM) via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites can be used to transmit small data between ship and shore to facilitate information visibility in future maritime transport systems. The focus is on ships withou...

Forfattere Ho Tu Dac Hagaseth Marianne Rialland Agathe Isabelle Rødseth Ørnulf Jan Criado Ruben Gonzalez Ziaragkas Georgios
År 2018
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon

The set of regulations that apply to ships and ports is already large and is increasing. Also, the long lifetime of ships, the different phases of ship operations and the large number of parties involved in the compliance and enforcement processes increase the need to make maritime regulations avail...

Forfattere Hagaseth Marianne Lohrmann L Ruiz Arnaud Oikonomou Fotis Rayot Stéphanie
År 2017
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon