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Thor Myklebust


Thor Myklebust


Thor Myklebust
Telefon: 957 79 869
Avdeling: Software Engineering, Safety and Security
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Trends in Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software: A Summary of the 3d International Workshop on Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software (ASCS 2017)


Agile development of safety-critical software has evolved from an early conceptual idea to, presently, an approach that is gaining uptake in the industry. As we now get more and more experience we also discover new challenges and related ideas that needs further investigation. The third internationa...

Forfattere Hanssen Geir Kjetil Myklebust Thor Johnsen Stig Ole Doss Osama
År 2017
Type Del av bok/rapport

Teknologitrender som påvirker transportsektoren


SAMMENDRAG: Økt digitalisering, automatisering og elektrifisering Fremtidens transportsektor vil kjennetegnes av økt digitalisering, automatisering og elektrifisering. I denne rapporten redegjør vi for generelle teknologitrender og teknologitrender som er forventet å ha spesifikk betydning for trans...


Proceedings on the 1st Workshop on Agile Methods Applied to Development and Certification of Safety-critical Software


The first international workshop on agile methods applied to development and certification of safety-critical software (ASCS) was organized as part of the XP 2015 conference on May 25th 2015. The workshop gathered 17 experts from industry and academia to share recent industrial experience and resear...

Forfattere Hanssen Geir Kjetil Myklebust Thor Stålhane Tor
År 2016
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon
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