Programme from 2023 conference, 18 - 20 January

Programme - EERA DeepWind'2023 conference 

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 Journal of Physics: Conference Series volume 2626, 2023


Presentations from the conference:

You can find the list of presentations below. Links to the actual presentations will be added within the next few days.

Opening session - Frontiers of Science and technology

The role of research to accelerate offshore wind development Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO, SINTEF
EERA DeepWind: 20 years of ground-breaking research and exciting times to come    John Olav Giæver Tande, chief scientist, SINTEF 
Global offshore wind market status and outlook  Jon Dugstad, Director, Norwegian Energy Partners
Floating wind technology Finn Gunnar Nielsen, professor, University of Bergen (UiB)
Grand challenge Grid –challenges and opportunities for offshore wind Hannele Holttinen, Operating Agent, Grid Integration Task 25 of IEA Wind, and partner at Recognis Oy
Industrialising floating wind Kristian Holm, Technology Director, Equinor
Researcher training Charlotte Bay Hasager, professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Environmental design Roel May, senior researcher, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)
International collaboration within offshore wind research Ignacio Martí, director, EERA JP wind
New turbine and generator technology  
Increased tower eigenfrequencies on floating foundations and their implications for large two- and three-bladed turbines  Fabian Anstock, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Aero-structural coupled optimization of a rotor blade for an upscaled 25 MW reference wind turbine   Edgar Werthen, German Aerospace Center
Unblocking critical design challenges of pre-commercial floating wind turbines   Mikel Iribas, CENER
25MW Rotor Design: Upscaling and Initial Multidisciplinary Integrated Design  Luca Oggiano, IFE
Wake interaction and scale effect on a large floating wind turbine foundation  Fengjian Jiang, SINTEF Ocean AS
Design and simulation of 40 MW PM Generators for the CRAFTT  Izabella Simonsson, Sandra Eriksson, Hans Bernhoff; Uppsala University
Scalability of the CRAFT turbine  Fredric Ottermo, Halmstad University
VAWT support structure mass sensibility due to the aerodynamic load scaling  Adriana Correia da Silva, NTNU
The influence of journal bearings on the drivetrain dynamics of a 5MW wind turbine drivetrain   Muhammad Omer Siddiqui, Fraunhofer IWES
Advanced Cooling Enabling Extremely High-Power Density Electric Machines  Austin Christopher Hayes, University of Colorado
High-fidelity analysis of a small-scale floating wind turbine under prescribed sway, heave, roll and yaw  Ricardo Amaral, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Met-ocean conditions

Lidar measurements of wind across a virtual rotor plane   Mohammad Nafisifard, UiS
Implementation of non-constant advection time into MCP methods to improve correlation between space-distributed meteorological datasets  Telem Avidor, Ecole Centrale Nantes
Metocean Conditions at Two Norwegian Sites for Development of Offshore Wind Farms   Etienne Cheynet, UiB
Wind field reconstruction with offshore nacelle-mounted LIDAR measurements  Rebeca Marini, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Is IEC turbulence valid offshore at large heights?  Abdul Haseed Syed, DTU Wind Energy Denmark
LES study of the impacts of swells on the atmospheric boundary layer    Xu Ning, UiB
Retrieval of met-ocean parameters from satellite observations: applications for offshore wind energy  Owda Abdalmenem, Technical University of Denmark
Multi-Dimensional data format enabling rapid assessment of wind resources anywhere in the world  Phil Hargreaves, TGS
Implementation of a Simple Actuator Disk for Large Eddy Simulation (SADLES) in the WRF Model Hai Bui, UiB
A review of wave-current interaction in met-ocean conditions for offshore wind turbines   Yan Li, UiB & NTNU
Large-eddy simulation of a 15 GW wind farm and comparison with advanced wake models   Oliver Maas, Leibniz University

Experimental testing and validation

Automatic Data Quality Control using Probabilistic Bayesian Neural Networks  Anish Venu, DNV
Numerical investigation on TLP platforms for wind turbines under extreme actions using the SPH method  Bonaventura Tagliafierro, UPC Barcelona Tech
A Potential Flow Based Numerical Framework for Engineering Design of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations  Pietro Danilo Tomaselli, DHI
Coupled loads on a bottom-fixed monopile induced by waves in a strong subsurface current  Yan Li, UiB & NTNU
Validation of high-fidelity CFD solutions for the analysis of aerodynamic loads on wind turbines   Vladimir Krasilnikov, SINTEF Ocean AS
Validation of a panel method with full-scale FOWT measurements and verification with engineering models   Stefan Netzband, Hamburg Uni. of Tech
Data-driven modelling of linear and quadratic transfer functions of floating structures  David Stamenov, Aarhus University
Validation of Impact of Hull-Based Tuned-Mass Dampers in Floating Wind Semisubmersible on Global Dynamics  Amy Robertson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Comparative assessment of actuator-Line modeling of FOWT rotor aerodynamics to wind tunnel experiments  Andrea Sanvito, Politecnico di Milano
Comparison of different Modelling Approaches for the Simulation of a Wind Turbine in Surge Motion  Christian Schulz, Hamburg University of Technology
Streamwise scalings of a wind turbine operated with different inflows and tip speed ratios   Martin Obligado, Grenoble Alpes University

Grid connection and power system integration

ScotCLUE Demonstrator – Smarter Energy Controllers for Future Offshore Wind Energy Systems  John Nwobu, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
Design and Control of All-DC Offshore Wind Power Plant with MMC-based High Power Converters  Alessandra Follo, Technical University of Denmark
30 GW Offshore wind in Norway – wind power correlations and smoothing effects  Harald Svendsen, SINTEF Energy Research
Addressing Market Issues in Electric Power Systems with Large Amounts of Offshore and Onshore Wind Power   Magnus Korpås, NTNU IEL
Managing energy spill in integrated wind turbine – electrolyser systems  James Ferguson, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
DC Fault Protection and Clearing Strategy for an MMC Based HVDC Transmission with Hybrid DCCB  John Kweku Amoo-Otoo, University of Idaho
Sizing electrolyser for offshore wind: a techno-economic assessment considering module size and dynamics  Elisabeth Andreae, Technical University of Denmark
Power and frequency fluctuations on an offshore oil & gas platform power system with connected wind turbines   Til Kristian Vana, SINTEF Energi
Resilience to storm conditions of power systems with large dependencies on offshore wind   Samuel Forsberg, Uppsala University
Optimisation of offshore grid considering stepwise investments and uncertainty   Harald Svendsen, SINTEF Energy Research

Substructures and mooring

Implementation of drivetrain structural flexibility in OpenFAST  Veronica Liverud, NTNU
Quantifying the effect of rock armour scour protection on eigenfrequencies of a monopile supported OHVS  Kristof Winkler, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Second order wave-induced modal loads and responses on floating wind parks with shared mooring  Thomas Sauder, SINTEF Ocean
Design Optimization of Floating Wind Turbine Substructures Using Frequency Domain Dynamic Model and Genetic Algorithm   Victor Benifla, Universität Rostock
Effect of the shape of extreme waves on the loads on a 15MW wind turbine   Fabio Pierella, DTU Wind and Energy Systems
Design challenges and novel solution for tower designs of next generation floating wind turbines Eystein Borgen, Odfjell Oceanwind AS, Sebastian Schafhirt, Siemens Gamesa
Damage Detection in the Mooring System of Spar Floating Offshore Wind Turbines through Statistical Methods  Christos Sakaris, Rune Schlanbusch, NORCE AS

Wind farm optimization

Towards generating more value out of measurement data using wind farm performance monitoring methodologies   Nassir Rodrigues Cassamo, TNO
Efficient Mann turbulence generation for offshore wind farms with applications in fatigue load surrogate modelling   Jaime Liew, DTU Wind
Recent Wind Farm Modelling Enhancements in FAST.Farm   Jason Jonkman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Influence of wake meandering paths on floating wind turbine response  Lene Vien Eliassen, SINTEF
A passively self-adjusting floating wind farm layout to increase the annual energy production: sensitivity analysis  Mohammad Youssef Mahfouz, Stuttgarter Lehrstuhl für Windenergie
Economic feasibility study for continued operation of German offshore wind farms   Julia Walgern, Fraunhofer IWES
Design and costs-benefits of shared anchors or mooring lines of FOWT at farm level   Maxime Chemineau, INNOSEA
Effect of wind turbine yaw misalignment on wake meandering   Balram Panjwani, SINTEF
A control-oriented model for floating wind turbine stability and performance analysis  Antonio Pegalajar-Jurado, DTU Wind and Energy Systems
Multiscale modelling of low-level jet: Effects on aerodynamic load of offshore wind turbine  Mostafa Bakhiday Paskyabi, UiB
Cost modelling for offshore wind farms using dynamic cost functions and engineering wake models   Kutay Yilmazlar, Politecnico di Milano

Environmental impact & regulatory framework

Catalysing an Industry: a historical analysis of the emerging US offshore wind industry  Julian Richard Lahuerta, NTNU
Overview of offshore wind regulations   Anne Reumer, DNV
Risk of exposure to offshore wind developments: Breeding failure causes seabirds to increase foraging ranges   Børge Moe, NINA
Mitigation measures for preventing collision of birds with wind turbines  Paula Bastos Garcia Rosa, SINTEF Energy Research
Balancing socio-ecological and economy trade-offs in spatial planning of wind energy projects   Frank Hanssen, NINA

Wind farm control 

Robust Active Wake Control: wind direction measurement uncertainty driven analysis in a sensor-equipped wind farm   Marco Turrini, TNO
Testing a quasi-static reinforcement-learning approach for wake steering in dynamic wind farm simulations  Valentin Chabaud, SINTEF Energy Research
An expert elicitation on flow models for wind farm contro Scott Robert Dallas, University of Strathclyde
Offshore Digitalization  Brian Boye, Semco Maritime

Marine operations and logistics

Operations and vessel tracking for a tow-to-port maintenance strategy at the Kincardine offshore windfarm   Kaiser Saeed, Laura DM Corgosinho, Uni. of Strathclyde
On the installation of offshore wind turbines: Challenges and future perspectives   George Jagite, SINTEF Ocean AS
Development of a Risk Analysis Model for the Installation of Offshore Wind Farms  Nico Garcia Munoz, Fraunhofer IWES
Optimizing jack-up vessel chartering strategies to support maintenance tasks in offshore wind turbines  Vibeke Petersen, NTNU
Investigation of more efficient W2W operability simulations   Martin Gutsch, SINTEF Ocean

Societal impact and controversies

Whispers in the Wind: Ethical dimensions of social conflict in offshore wind   Rita V. D'Oliveira Bouman, SINTEF Ocean
Identifying and addressing societal aspects of offshore wind power in the North Sea  Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, Sara Heidenreich, NTNU
From where the wind blows – The social dynamics of wind power opposition Sigurd Hilmo Lundheim, NTNU
Just wind power? Mapping of Norwegian ownership models and decision-making processes  Kim-Andre Myhre Arntsen, NTNU
Leveraging innovative technology to address societal interests in offshore wind farm development Jan-Tore Horn, Vind Technologies AS

Operation and maintenance

The Sensitivity of Failure Definitions on Wind Turbine Failure Rate and Availability Estimates   Fraser Anderson, University of Edinburgh
Multirotor wind turbine systems: an exploration of failure rates and failure classification   Jade McMorland, University of Strathclyde
Effects of grid demand oscillations on degradation of power train system in offshore wind turbines   Farid Khazaeli Moghadam, NTNU
Support System for Optimised Maintenance of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines  Arvind Keprate, OsloMet
Technical modelling challenges for large idling wind turbines  Galih Bangga, DNV Services UK

Closing session

Strategic technology and innovation outlook on offshore wind  Jacob Edmonds, VC, ETIP Wind & Head of Innovation & Digital, Ørsted
Techno-economical Optimization for Floating Offshore Wind Farms: A ScotWind Portfolio Study  Joanna Ines Martin, Ørsted Services AS
Legal and regulatory aspects of offshore wind Catherine Banet, professor, University of Oslo (UiO)
Key innovations for floating wind cost reduction  Jose Luis Domínguez-García, Head of Power Systems Group, IREC
Next generation floating wind technology Knut Vassbotn, CEO, Deep Wind Offshore
Advancements in offshore wind Geir Olav Berg, SVP, Mainstream Renewable Power