Programme, presentations and posters from the 2015 conference

Detalied programme for the 2015 Conference
Energy Procedia, Volume 80, Pages 1 - 450 (2015)
Opening session   
Progress of offshore wind through R&D in FP7 and H2020                        Susanna GALLONI, European Commission 
Innovations in offshore wind energy John Olav Tande, SINTEF Energi / NOWITECH 
NORCOWE - From measurement campaigns to O&M Kristin Frøysa, CMR 
IRPWind – The role of an integrated European research programme in wind energy  Peter Hauge Madsen, DTU 
Accelerating offshore wind development and cost reductions Jan Matthiesen, Carbon Trust OWA 
Parallel sessions  
A1 New turbine technology  

Outcomes of the DeepWind conceptual design 

Uwe Schmidt paulsen, DTU Wind Energy
Integrated simulation challenges with the DeepWind floating vertical axis wind turbine concept Michael Borg, Technical University Denmark 
Linear Models for the Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbines and Wind Power Plants Karl Merz, SINTEF Energi AS 
Evaluation of fatigue loads at horizontal up-scaled wind turbines  Romans Kazacoks, Strathclyde University 
A2 New turbine technology  

Wind and wave sensitivity assessment of a TLP wind turbine 

G.K.V. Ramachandran, DNV GL
Use of steel for towers of wind turbines and support structures Arno van Wingerde, Fraunhofer IWES
Evaluation of Optimal Power Frequencies for Remote Offshore Wind Farms Lars Hytten, DNV GL 
B1 Grid connection  
Key note: Research challenges for offshore HVDC grids and its components Prof. Torbjörn Thiringer, Chalmers Uni. of Techn. 
Modelling MMC-HVDC Systems – An Overview A.Beddard, University of Manchester
Multi-Terminal HVDC Modeling in Conventional Load Flow Analysis Considering Converter Station Topologies and Losses T. Hennig, Fraunhofer IWES
Grid model reduction for large scale wind integration analyses Harald G. Svendsen, SINTEF Energi AS

Integrated modelling platform for dynamic performance assessment of floating wind turbines 

Atsede G. Endegnanew, SINTEF Energi AS 
B2 Grid connection (cont.)  
Keynote: Operation of offshore wind power plants connected with HVDC  Prof. Oriol Gomis, IREC, Spain

Balancing options and costs for offshore wind power in the North Sea

Magnus Korpås, NTNU
Small signal analysis of CIGRE HVDC grid Jordi Pegueroles-Queralt, IREC 
A Comparison of VSC-HVDC with LFAC for Offshore Wind Farm Design and Interconnection  Jonathan Ruddy, University College Dublin 
C1 Met-ocean conditions  
Floating Platform Motion Correction Using Video Camera Images Mostafa B. Paskyabi, University of Bergen 
Assessment of wind conditions at a fjord inlet by complementary use of sonic anemometers and lidars   Jasna Bogunović Jakobsen, UiS 
Characterisation of single wind turbine wakes with static and scanning LiDARs Valerie-Marie Kumer, UiB 
Influence of wind farms on ocean upwelling offshore Norway  Ole Henrik Segtnan, Polytec 
C2 Met-ocean conditions (cont.)  
Innovative measurement technologies for met-ocean and soil conditions Bernhard Lange, Fraunhofer IWES
Testing of the SEAWATCH Wind Lidar Buoy against a met mast  Ola Storås, Fugro Oceanor
Influence of sea structures on wind measurements: CFD analysis Leonid Vasilyev, Polytec 
D Operation & Maintenance  
Planning of operation & maintenance using risk- and reliability-based methods Mihai Florian, Aalborg University 
Assessment of Gearbox Operational Loads and Reliability under High Mean Wind Speeds Dariusz Dabrowski, Technical University of Denmark
Cost benefit analyses of mothership concept and investigation of optimum operational practice for offshore wind O&M fleets – StrathOW-OM Tool  Jayanta Majumder, University of Strathclyde 
SCADA data interpretation improves wind farm maintenance  Kesheng Wang, NTNU

E1 Installation & sub-structures

Design, Analysis and Wave Tank Testing of a Semi-Submersible Braceless Concrete Offshore Wind Turbine Platform Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE
Integrated automated optimization of offshore wind turbine and support structure  Marten Jan de Ruiter, Knowledge Centre WMC 
Implementation of a hysteretic 3D soil model in an aeroelastic code. Dynamic analysis of an offshore wind turbine in misaligned wind and waves Signe Schløer, DTU Wind Energy

Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures Using Analytical Gradient-Based Method 

Kok-Hon Chew, Nanyang TU

E2 Installation & sub-structures (cont.)

Model Building and Scaled Testing of 5MW and 10MW Semi-Submersible Floating Wind Turbines Frank Sandner, Uni Stuttgart 
Relative Assessment of Fatigue Loads for Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures Lars Einar Stieng, NTNU

Calibration of a numerical model with experimental data and evaluation of a simplified aerodynamic model for the Pelastar TLP

M.I. Kvittem, DNV GL
F Wind Farm Optimization   
Comparative levelized cost of energy analysis  Denis Matha, University of Stuttgart
A fast reduced order method for assessment of wind farm layouts Yngve Heggelund, Christian Michelsen Research 
Wind Farm Simulator; Time-dependent wind energy calculations   Ove Undheim, Kjeller Vindteknikk 
Investigation of the impact of wakes and stratification on the performance of an onshore wind farm Mandar Tabib, SINTEF ICT 

G1 Experimental Testing and Validation 

Key note: Introduction to the OC5 Project, an IEA Task Focused on Validating Offshore Wind Modeling Tools  Amy Robertson, NREL
Recent Developments of FAST for Modelling Offshore Wind Turbines Jason Jonkman, NREL 
CFD predictions of NREL Phase VI Rotor Experiments in operational and parked conditions Luca Oggiano, IFE 
Verification of the Second-Order Wave Loads on the OC4-Semisubmersible Sébastien Gueydon, Maritime Inst. Netherlands 
Study of the effect of water depth on potential flow solution of the OC4-semisubmersible Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Ilmas Bayati, Politecnico di Milano

G2 Experimental Testing and Validation (cont.)


Real-time hybrid model testing of floating wind turbines: sensitivity to limited actuation 

Erin E. Bachynski, MARINTEK and CeSOS/NTNU 
Benchmarking speed of aeroelastic analysis (Cloud to the rescue?) Paul Thomassen, Simis as
Determination of scaled wind turbine rotor characteristics from 3 dimensional rans calculation Simon Burmester, MARIN 
Wind Tunnel Tests on the Influence of Yaw Misalignment and Pitch Variation of Two Model Wind Turbines in Tandem-Setup J. Schottler, ForWind, University of Oldenburg 
Measurement campaign of a large rotor wind turbine  L. Eliassen, NTNU


X1 Socio-economics of offshore wind energy


Policy co-ordination for a North Sea Grid: Challenges and possible measures from a Norwegian perspective

Jørgen Knudsen, Gerd Jacobsen, SINTEF Energi AS

Determining the economic value of offshore wind power plants in the changing energy system

C. Richts, M. Jansen, Fh IWES

An integrated risk analysis for offshore wind sites

Bonnie Ram, DTU Wind Energy
Chinas offshore wind industry - some perspectives in innovation and technology transfer Marius Korsnes, NTNU
X2 Socio-economics of offshore wind energy (cont.)  
Socialisation of offshore wind technology: Scientists as agents of socialisation Sara Heidenreich, NTNU
Regulating wind farms in future offshore grids Klaus Skytte, DTU
Social responsible innovation in offshore wind Rolf Kunneke, TU Delft

Closing session – Strategic Outlook 


Status and plans for Hywind Scotland

Rune Yttervik, Statoil

Optimized wind farm operation 

Oddbjørn Malmo, Kongsberg Maritime 

R&D as input to cost of energy reductions

Jørgen Krogstad, Statkraft 





Design aspects on winding of the MgB2 superconducting generator coil

Niklas Magnusson, SINTEF Energi AS 

Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for HVDC Systems

Xiaoze Pei, University of Manchester 

Spline based Mesh Generator for high fidelity simulation of flow around turbine blades

Eivind Fonn, SINTEF ICT 

LFAC Transmission for Offshore Wind Applications: Fundamentals and Technology Status Review

Olimpo Anaya-Lara, Strathclyde University 
Optimized Design of a LCL DC/DC converter for Offshore Wind Turbines Rene A. Barrera, NTNU 
Wind Turbine and Offshore Wind Farm Modelling for System Level Harmonic Studies  Henrik Brantsæter, NTNU 
Impact of Future North-Sea HVDC Cables in the Norwegian Transmission System Emilie Brunsgård Ek, SINTEF Energi AS 

DC Voltage Control for Fault Management in HVDC Transmission System

Anastasios Oulis Rousis, SGURR Energy 
Influence of technical limitations and operation on sizing of an offshore energy storage connected to an offshore wind farm Ole Christian Spro, SINTEF Energi AS 
Resampling of Data for Offshore Grid Design based on Kernel Density Estimation and Genetic Algorithm Vin Cent Tai, NTNU 
The NSON Project. North Sea offshore and Storage network. WP1: Technology Perspectives Til Kristian Vrana, SINTEF Energi AS 
Assessment of wind turbine representation in the upper ocean circulation and turbulence variability Mostafa B. Paskyabi, UiB 
Near Surface Turbulence and Gravity Wave Measurements Using a Lagrangian Drifter Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, UiB 
The Norwegian Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory for wind energy assessment  Martin Flügge, CMR 
Britta Storm in the North Sea and the Offshore Research Platform FINO1 Anthony James Kettle, UiB 
The Effect of Swell on Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layers Eirik Manger, Acona Flow Technology 
Reference cases for benchmarking operation and maintenance models for offshore wind farms Rebecca.Martin, EDF Energy R&D 
The Capabilities and Effectiveness of Remote Inspection of Wind Turbines Øyvind Netland, Norsk Automatisering AS 
Optimization of routing and scheduling to perform maintenance at offshore wind farms  Magnus Stålhane, NTNU 
Fabrication and installation of a TLP pilot plant for wind turbines  Frank Adam, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 
Installation of monopiles for offshore wind turbine foundations Ivana Anusic, NTNU 

Optimal Design of Stiffeners for Bucket Foundations 

William Courtney, DTU Wind Energy 

Reliability Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations 

Ivan Depina, NTNU 

Advanced time-domain simulation of jackets for offshore wind turbines

Jan Dubois, ForWind – Leibniz University Hannover 

Dynamic Model Test of Monopile Foundation for OWT's 

Stian Baardsgaard Hanssen, NTNU 

Hybrid offshore platforms for cost-efficient development of deepwater renewable energies

Jan Erik Hanssen, 1-Tech s.p.r.l 

Comparison of dynamic behavior of four different designs of 5-MW V-shaped Semisubmersible Offshore Wind Turbine

Madjid Karimirad, MARINTEK

Probabilistic Fatigue Design of Jacket Support Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines Exemplified on Tubular Joints 

Sebastian Kelma, ForWind Hannover – Leibniz University Hannover

Characterization of wave slamming forces for a truss structure within the framework of the WaveSlam project

Ignacio Rausa Heredia, NTNU

Mass manufacturing optimization of jacket foundations

Kasper Sandal, DTU Wind Energy

Sensitivity of wave fatigue loads on offshore wind turbines under varying site conditions 

Lisa Ziegler, NTNU

Three Dimensional Variable Turbulent Intensity Flow Field Characterization of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

M. Salman Siddiqui, NTNU

Wind turbine performance measurements using a Lidar 

Lars Morten Bardal, NTNU

Characterization of stalled flow by unsteady surface pressure measurements on a wind turbine airfoil

J. Bartl, NTNU

Dynamic motion effects and compensation methods of a floating lidar buoy

O. Bischoff, University of Stuttgart

Fatigue performance of glass fibre – vinyl ester composite at ambient and subzero temperature

Jens Kjær Jørgensen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Development of a Prescribed Wake Model for Simulation of Wind Turbines

Ludwig Krause, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Scale-downed pitch controller for model test of a 5MW floating offshore wind turbine 

Hyunkyoung Shin, University of Ulsan, South Korea
Verification and implementation of a state-space hydrodynamic model for wind tunnel-HIL application of FOWT tests Ilmas Bayati, Politecnico di Milano
Droplet erosion on wind turbine blades Emil André Valaker, NTNU
Effects of Bearing Configuration in Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability Juan Gallego-Calderon, DTU Wind Energy

Parameterized Dynamic Modelling Approach for Conceptual Dimensioning of a Floating Wind Turbine System

Frank Sandner, Uni. Stuttgart 
Influence of large wind farms on the upper ocean circulation Ole Henrik Segtnan, Polytec 
Statistical analysis of wind mast data from an onshore wind farm  Asif Mushtaq, NTNU
Mesoscale numerical modelling of met-ocean interactions  Jakob Kristoffer Süld, MET
3D Beam element for FSI-simulation of flow around turbine blades  Knut Morten Okstad, SINTEF ICT
Strip theory approach for FSI-simulations of flow around turbine blades Trond Kvamsdal, NTNU
Employing CFD Methods for Describing the Influence of Offshore Structures on wind measurements Leonid Vasilyev, Polytec R&D Institute